Vote Pro-Life for Dr. Donna Campbell for State Senate District 25!

As a physician, Donna Campbell seeks to promote the sanctity of innocent human life in all stages, including the unborn, human embryos, and patients whose lives are devalued due to disability or illness.  She's an emergency room doctor with an extensive medical background and experience with a passion for protecting all innocent human Life.

Dr. Campbell shares Texas Right to Life’s goal of enacting public policy to protect the conscience rights of health care providers who oppose biomedical assaults on human life, and she supports the redirection of all public funds away from the abortion industry.

With your Pro-Life vote, Dr. Campbell defeated a pro-abortion incumbent in the primary, and we need to help her over the finish line now.

Donna will be a fresh voice for LIFE, and she will champion the sanctity of human life at every chance.

To help Donna, visit: