Video: Sen. Hutchison explains her pro-choice views

Show your support for Pro-Life Incumbent Governor Rick Perry in the race for Governor by signing up to help at [URL=””][/URL]. [pullquotelight][B]”Quotable”[/B]”Senator Hutchison has always been forthright with Texas Right to Life about her views on life. While she favors some restrictions on abortion, she has steadfastly held to her 'viability' position throughout her political career. Additionally, Senator Hutchison has personally told us in meetings that she favors embryonic stem cell research. While we have enjoyed a cordial relationship with her, her views on life are not appropriate for one seeking to be the Governor of our Pro-Life state.” [B]Dr. Joseph Graham, President[/B]
[B]Texas Right to Life[/B][/pullquotelight]The Texas Debates will air live on [URL=””][/URL], KERA-TV, KERA-FM and TXA 21 (KTXA-TV), as well as other radio and television stations around the state ([URL=””]click for list[/URL]). Extended live post-debate coverage will continue on TXA 21 until 9:00 p.m.[B]Her words speak for themselves. Don't be fooled![/B]Watch this 96 second video clip of Senator Hutchison candidly sharing her strident pro-choice views on abortion.