Victory: Patient U. saved from the 10-Day Rule!

Thank you for your incredible prayer and sacrificial support! Your efforts RESCUED Patient U. from the deadly 10-Day Rule!

Last week we received a phone call from a desperate family. Their loved one, Patient U., was set to begin the 10-day countdown this week. A beloved husband, father of two, and a software engineer, Patient U. was leading a very active, full life when he was hospitalized for a lung infection. 

Patient U. was awake and conscious, but the 10-Day Rule still attacked his life. Under the Texas 10-Day Rule, a hospital may cut off life-sustaining treatment on any patient against their will or the will of their family by imposing a 10-day countdown. 

You saved Patient U.! 

After Patient U.’s family contacted Texas Right to Life, our patient advocacy team immediately sprung into action to fight for his life. Pro-Lifers, like you, quickly responded in prayer. 

After Pro-Life attorneys intervened, the hospital decided to honor the family’s wishes instead of imposing the 10-Day Rule. 

Patient U. is safe because of you! Thank you! 

Please continue to keep Patient U. and his family in your prayers. We are now praying that he experiences a quick and full recovery. 

A second patient, Bill in Temple, Texas, is still under threat from another hospital imposing the 10-Day Rule. Please continue to keep his situation in your prayers and, if you can, please give a gift to power our Patient Advocacy’s fight to protect his Right to Life. 

We believe every Life is precious and worthy of human dignity. We are grateful to have you standing with us in defense of the innocent and vulnerable!



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