Valentine´s Day special: $75 off summer camp registration!

Have you been searching for a way to show your teenager that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about romantic love? On Valentine’s Day, we can show our love for so many things: our family, our friends, and even the gift of Life!



In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and promoting a greater love for Life, we are offering a discount on registration fees for our Pro-Life summer camp, REveAL!


At REveAL, teens will hear from expert Pro-Life speakers on abortion, euthanasia, and stem cell research, learn how to defend their Pro-Life beliefs, and prepare to be champions for Life in their high schools and among their peers.


If students aged 14-18 register and pay between Wednesday, February 11 and Sunday, February 15, their registration fee will be $275 ($75 off the original price)!


Additional discounts are available when registering siblings and when registering as a group (4 or more students).


Other important information:

Date: July 18th-25th

Location:  Trinity Pines Conference Center in Trinity, TX (near Huntsville)



Don’t miss your chance to attend this life-changing camp!



For more information, call  the Texas Right to Life headquarters!