UT students promote Life through online “Doodle Diaries”

The latest sensation of the Pro-Life movement has people on both sides of the abortion debate learning the truth about being Pro-Life.  Doodle Diaries, created by Alicia Torres, Dr. Joseph Graham Fellow and Community Relations Chair of Texas Students for Life at the University of Texas, are short videos of personal, yet anonymous, stories explaining reasons for being Pro-Life.  The videos explain uniquely their message using only animated drawings and written words.  Doodle Diaries can be posted all over social media in order to reach thousands of people simply by clicking a ‘share’ button.  The inspiration behind Doodle Diaries came from Alicia’s desire to improve Texas Students for Life’s social media presence.  After considering today’s fast-paced social media culture in which people will only view videos if they are short, attractive, and to the point, Alicia created Doodle Diaries.  In an effort to appeal to our instant gratification culture, all the videos are less than one minute.

Alicia also considered the need for relatable stories that resonate to those with an opposing viewpoint.  One of the Doodle Diaries features a man talking about his brother who has autism, explaining that he loves his brother and realizes that his brother may have been aborted if there existed a prenatal test for autism, just as most preborn babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome are aborted.  The stick figure man goes on to say that he believes all people are created equal, regardless of ability, and that is why he is Pro-Life.  Another video features a stick-figure student explaining that he is now Pro-Life because, if there is even a small chance that Pro-Life activists are right about the abortion issue, then abortion would be the most extreme violation of the most basic human right in all of history.

Although time consuming to create, Alicia considers making the videos time well spent.  Texas Students for Life is confident that Doodle Diaries will continue to change the hearts and minds of their viewers at the University of Texas and hopefully, beyond their community as well.  Click here watch all of the Doodle Diaries.