Update on Carolyn Jones

Thank you for rescuing Beaumont woman Carolyn Jones from a Texas death panel last month.  After a hospital committee pulled the plug against her family’s will, Carolyn fought for her life until you helped her escape in a private ambulance to a temporary hospital in the dead of night.

By the grace of God, Carolyn survived the Texas 10-Day Rule’s attack on her life!

This weekend Carolyn moved to a long-term nursing facility where she will be allowed to heal without a countdown placed on her life – thanks to YOU!  

Pro-Life advocates like you joined together to raise over $45,000!  Your generous contribution:

  • Paid for the first months of Carolyn’s care in this new facility;
  • Secured a specialized lawyer to help the family move to the new setting; and
  • Funded the private ambulance that escorted Carolyn away from danger in May.

Funds in excess of Carolyn’s needs will be used to help other patients who are victimized by the unjust 10-Day Rule.

Without you, Carolyn would possibly not be alive today.

Thank you for saving Carolyn’s life.  Thank you for standing up for the value of all human Life, from womb to tomb.

Provide legal aid to vulnerable patients.  Give now.