Update: Dr. Joseph Graham Fellows around Texas are recruiting strong!


Sam Houston State University, Bearkats for Life
Lilli Cortez is a sophomore at Sam Houston State University.  After weeks of the school postponing recruitment fairs due to Hurricane Harvey and the aftermath, Bearkats for Life was able to have a table during class passing periods.  Texas Right to Life’s Education Director, Veronica Arnold Smither, stood with the students during their tabling session and assisted the leaders with recruitment techniques and Pro-Life talking points.  They recruited 60 people in two hours!  That morning, Lilli expressed to Veronica that her group needed to fill the Public Relations position.  Just an hour later, an enthusiastic young lady came straight to the table to sign up as a member.  She asked, “Do you have anyone to run your social media pages?  I would love to do this for you.”  What a Godsend!  Pray for the students as they begin their first projects this semester: educating new members on all Life issues, volunteering at the local pregnancy center, and establishing a brand new Pregnant & Parenting Student Scholarship.

Trinity University, Tigers for Life
Luke Ayers and Kailey Deluca, our two Fellows in Tigers for Life, recruited 54 students at their organization fair – almost 1.5 times as many as at last year’s fair!  What spiked the number?  “Every time Kailey mentioned that we’ll have Pro-Life memes in our weekly emails, the person we were talking to immediately signed up.  We also distributed Life Savers candy, and people appreciated the goofy attempt at a pun.”  Tigers for Life embraces Pro-Life humor to break the ice, which encourages new Pro-Life students to become braver in voicing their Pro-Life values.

Abilene Christian University, ACU for Life
There must be something in the water at ACU.  Perhaps the combination of a small, Christian campus, a tight-knit community, the excellent Pro-Life leadership of our Fellows and their marketing efforts, encouraged 144 people to sign up for ACU for Life at their club fair!  A few days later, their first meeting boasted 70 members.  In efforts to recognize not just the needs of their campus but of the whole state, ACU for Life organized a baby supply drive for pregnancy centers in Houston to aid Hurricane Harvey relief.

Our Lady of the Lake University, Pro-Life Saints
Olivia Garza attended multiple Team Life Camps in high school, and is now re-establishing her university’s Pro-Life group from scratch as the lone leader.  She and Rachel Bush, Texas Right to Life’s Education Associate, recruited 50 sign ups at the club rush!  Students gravitated toward the Pro-Life buttons and handouts on the table.  Many students who signed up returned minutes later with friends to sign up as well.  At their first meeting, 14 people attended, and 7 expressed interest in joining the newly forming officer team.  After determining roles for each officer, Pro-Life Saints went from a solo-act to a team of 7 total officers in just days.

Texas A&M University, Pro-Life Aggies
Katherine Proctor, the president of Pro-Life Aggies at Texas A&M University, reports amazing news from their first week of school.  “Y’all, I’m so encouraged.  Our first informational meeting of the semester was a HUGE success; 83 people attended.  Without enough chairs, some people stood in the back or in the hallway just to learn about Pro-Life issues, and to learn how they could support our Pregnant & Parenting Student Scholarship.  This is proof that the years of efforts before us and our continuation of those efforts are making a difference.  The number of people wanting to get involved is ever-increasing!  What we do as Fellows does matter!”



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