UPDATE: Beaumont woman removed from ventilator against family’s will under 10-Day Rule

Beaumont woman Carolyn Jones was removed from her ventilator against her family’s will under the Texas 10-Day Rule at approximately 2 p.m. at Memorial Hermann Southwest in Houston.

Donald Jones and his daughter, Kina, watched powerlessly as the Texas 10-Day Rule sanctioned the removal of a ventilator from their beloved wife and mother, Carolyn Jones, against their wishes.  

A dozen family members and invited guests, including Texas Right to Life’s Director of Media and Communication Kim Schwartz, gathered at Carolyn’s bedside at Memorial Hermann Southwest.  

The family begged, “Please don’t do this,” between heartbreaking sobs, as hospital staff turned the switches.  

Carolyn is still alive as of 7:50 p.m. Monday, May 13, 2019, struggling nearly six hours after her breathing assistance was removed.  The family asked for her respiratory secretions to be suctioned, and the hospital refused and told them to do that themselves.

The family was informed this afternoon by hospital staff that if Carolyn survives the night breathing on her own, the hospital will stop Carolyn’s dialysis.  The Jones family is categorically opposed to removing dialysis. Even before her stroke Carolyn received dialysis treatment. “As a former hospice worker, I know dying by removal of dialysis is a horrible way to die.  They’ve already removed her ventilator. If she continues to fight and live, why on earth would these people STILL want to kill my mom?!” Kina told Texas Right to Life. The family is mystified that the hospital would move to kill a patient who is disabled though not dying.

Moments before the hospital seized Carolyn’s care, Donald and Kina pleaded Texans to ask their state legislators to repeal the 10-Day Rule.  “It’s too late for my mom, but the Legislature can save someone else’s loved one by ending the 10-Day Rule,” said Kina, expressing shock that hospitals can kill sick people rather than treat them.

Vulnerable patients need your help to survive the deadly 10-Day Rule.  They may have no fighting chance without you.  Give today to the Texas Right to Life Family Assistance Fund to protect patients from death panels.