Unite Texas Pro-Lifers around the decision to defund Planned Parenthood!

Friend —

You heard the news: State investigators are literally INSIDE Planned Parenthood buildings to obtain evidence of the abortion giant's fraud and criminal actions against taxpayers, the unborn, and the vulnerable women they victimize.

Please read my urgent email below and support Texas Right to Life with an emergency contribution to keep the pressure on Planned Parenthood!

Yours for their Lives.


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FROM: Jim Graham
SUBJECT: Good news. And bad news.

Friend —

I'm about to tell you incredible news — but before you celebrate, there's a lot more to the story.

Texas investigators discovered Planned Parenthood repeatedly violated even the minimum basic standards of health care and the rights of patients.

— Filthy abortion centers,
— Fraudulent billing,
— Altering abortion procedures illegally specifically to harvest baby body parts,

And much more.

Texas has taken bold action against America's largest abortion chain and SUSPENDED A MAJOR STREAM OF YOUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS FROM PLANNED PARENTHOOD! And finally, the United States Congress is taking action to defund Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.

Not only does the abortion behemoth have the Texas media fully behind them, but they even have the national media whitewashing their soiled image! (NBC is producing a COMEDY series based on abortion queen Wendy Davis that celebrates her failed fight against us to kill innocent human babies for any reason right up to the moment they are born.) And the media won’t talk about the baby body parts because that’s too gruesome. Gruesome and real.

This is where you come in: We are not waiting for Planned Parenthood to respond. We are through taking punches and playing defense against this abomination. We want to immediately take our message to the airwaves across our state and unite Pro-Lifers to stand behind Texas' decision!

Will you sponsor our campaign so Texas' elected officials know that voters have their backs when they protect Life with a contribution of $100 or more?

Planned Parenthood and their media lackeys will use everything they have to keep your money in their coffers so they can continue to abort tiny Texans and sell their baby body parts for profit. They are working in our nation’s Capitol to stop the vote Friday to defund them. You read that right: they are lobbying with your money so that they can continue to kill babies with your money.

Texas heard our call to act. Now it's our turn to back up our state and national leaders and protect women and the unborn.

We must organize by October 31 — that's only 10 days away!

Click and follow this link to donate $100, $200, $500, $1,500 or even $3,500 or more!

Yours for their Lives,