Under Trump’s Pro-Life Title X Rule, Planned Parenthood shows true colors


Planned Parenthood announced on Monday that the organization will voluntarily withdraw from the federally-funded Title X Program, which provides family planning services to low-income individuals.  The decision is due to the enforcement of a finalized rule by President Trump’s Health and Human Services Department specifying that organizations providing family planning services and receiving federal funding for that purpose may not commit or refer for abortions.  This rule seeks to enforce a stated goal of the Title X program–preventing tax dollars from subsidizing the destruction of innocent human Life–by requiring that family planning providers receiving federal funding be both financially and physically separate from entities that commit abortions because of funding fungibility.  Planned Parenthood receives about $60 million every year through the Title X Program, though this accounts for only about 15% of the organization’s overall federal funding.  


Though the rule was slated to take effect on May 3, 2019, implementation has been delayed due to litigation.  The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled previously that the administration could move forward on enforcing the rule.  Despite Planned Parenthood appealing the Ninth Circuit’s ruling, on Friday the court declined to do so, allowing the Trump administration’s rule to stand.  


This life-affirming rule has forced Planned Parenthood to reveal their true colors as an abortion giant that will always place profiting off of the mass killing of innocent human beings before providing healthcare services to low-income women.  Their decision to remove themselves from the federal program rather than comply with the new rules is telling.  On the one hand, the Planned Parenthood abortion giant prioritizes abortion; on the other hand, they claim that providing other types of women’s healthcare is integral to their organization, with abortion comprising only 3%.  By exiting entirely from the Title X Program rather than complying with the new rule, Planned Parenthood has made perfectly clear that their true priority is profiting from elective abortion on demand.   


Planned Parenthood is attempting to spin their decision to leave the Title X Program as a “forced exit” caused by Pro-Life President Trump.  However, if the abortion giant would choose merely to separate the actual healthcare they provide from their abortion business, the rule would not be an issue.  The rule does not diminish federal family planning funding at all, simply serving to ensure that dollars allocated for healthcare are indeed used for that purpose, not for the killing of innocent preborn children.  Planned Parenthood claims to care about women’s healthcare and providing services other than abortion, but for an organization that commits more than 300,000 abortions every year, apparently separating family planning from abortion for the sake of continuing to provide those other services was too much to ask.  


Despite this encouraging step toward removing the flow of public funding to Planned Parenthood through one federal program, there is yet another, greater federal funding stream by which Planned Parenthood receives tax dollars.  An overwhelming majority of the federal funding Planned Parenthood receives each year is through Medicaid reimbursements, to the tune of approximately $500 million each year.  Cutting off this funding stream by removing Planned Parenthood as a Medicaid provider has been attempted in various states, including Texas, and resulting court cases are now working their way through the judicial system.  Although today’s announcement of Planned Parenthood’s decision to leave the Title X program is a victory, there is still more that must be done at the state and federal levels to fully defund the industry of death.

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  1. Terry McDermott on

    Many Tears Ago

    Two people entered a Planned Parenthood door,
    Devastation to the core.
    One forever damaged, one forever dead,
    Writing on the wall needs to be read.
    On her mother a child’s hopes were pinned,
    Yet mom has cast her fate to the wind.
    Abortion is truly not about choice,
    It is all about a tiny voice.
    Protecting this eternal creation,
    The only hope for a fallen nation.
    Never knew there was a heart that beat,
    Should have looked at tiny hands and feet.
    I wonder if she knew her life was for sale,
    And understood the ultimate betrayal.
    I wish I could say it wasn’t so,
    But that was many tears ago.

  2. Terry McDermott on

    Blood on a Shoe

    My reaction was truly “Unplanned”,
    Never too late to take a stand.
    Having stood at the gates of hell,
    Surprised as tears fell.
    Must never, ever forget,
    All the pain and regret.
    The Father of Lies at the helm,
    In the Planned Parenthood spiritual realm.
    A purveyor of death and destruction,
    All I saw was the suction.
    The ugly truth of desecration,
    Vulnerable women and God’s creation.
    I could see incense rising to the Lord,
    The prayers of pro lifers indeed soared.
    The movie took me back so I would see,
    To Sacramento and a tree.
    Many years ago at Planned Parenthood,
    A cross in a tree, carved in wood.
    I recall a Psalm when it all started,
    “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted.”
    “Unplanned” broke me in two,
    Undone over baby blue.
    What really pierced me through,
    Were drops of blood on a shoe.