Twitter takeover: Tweet hashtag #FightBackTX to show abortion camp that Texans #Stand4Life

This morning, a handful of liberal organizations unveiled a new campaign with the hashtag #FightBackTX in an attempt to rekindle the small burst of enthusiasm the Texas abortion movement saw last year during the HB2 proceedings.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the Texas Research Institute, NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, the Texas Freedom Network, the ACLU of Texas, and abortion chain Whole Women’s Health have just announced a campaign intended to “recapture the energy” of Austin’s anti-Life protests last summer.

Simultaneous to this campaign, the Wendy Davis camp is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Davis’ shameful filibuster last summer, when she stood unflinchingly against the rights of preborn Texans who feel pain. Her unsuccessful gubernatorial campaign is so desperate for contributions that they’re promoting a raffle to win a pair of signed pink sneakers. The irony of her request for donations is painfully obvious: “Wendy Davis is the only candidate in this race who wants to give all Texans the opportunity to succeed,” says the fundraiser. But who really believes that Davis cares about any Texans after she stood against the rights of the most vulnerable ones?

Today, abortion supporters are trending the hashtag #FightBackTX in a futile attempt to turn the state blue and to re-open the case against Life that Pro-Lifers in Texas smacked down when they overwhelmingly supported the legislation of HB2 last July. Pro-Life Texans will remind the assailants that Texas is committed to #Stand4Life and that is not going to change.

We encourage you to head over to Twitter and participate in the takeover of the hashtag #FightBackTX. Come up with your own creative responses or feel free to copy and paste these options:

#HB2 gave unborn Texans a better chance to #FightBackTX on abortion. I #Stand4Life and Texas women. #LifeFirst

#FightBackTX: Texas #ProLife values will never go down without a fight for women and their children.  #Stand4Life #LifeFirst


#FightBackTX #ProChoice Texans lobby for TX babies who feel pain to be brutally aborted, but #ProLife Texans put #LifeFirst & #Stand4Life.


#FightBackTX is fighting against pro-#woman laws. Take a #Stand4Life and support EVERY Texan from conception to natural death. #LifeFirst


Ever noticed that anti-Life Texans are always fighting? Let’s show #FightBackTX that it’s easier to take a #Stand4Life & put #LifeFirst!