TRTL General Election 2010 Results

Bold = Highly Competitive Races

Texas Statewide Races

TRTL Endorsed Victories in Statewide Races (7)
Governor Rick Perry (R-Incumbent)
Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst (R-Incumbent)
Attorney General Greg Abbott (R-Incumbent)
Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson (R-Incumbent)
Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples (R-Incumbent)
Railroad Commissioner David Porter (R)
Texas Court of Criminal Appeals (Place 2) – Lawrence Meyers (R-Incumbent)

US House of Representatives

TRTL Endorsed Victories in US Congress (20)
CD 1 Louie Gohmert (R-Incumbent)
CD 2 Ted Poe (R-Incumbent)
CD 3 Sam Johnson (R-Incumbent)
CD 4 Ralph Hall (R-Incumbent)
CD 5 Jen Hensarling (R-Incumbent)
CD 7 John Culberson (R-Incumbent)
CD 8 Kevin Brady (R-Incumbent)
CD 10 Michael McCaul (R-Incumbent)
CD 11 Mike Conaway (R-Incumbent)
CD 14 Ron Paul (R-Incumbent)
CD 17 Bill Flores (R) beat Chet Edwards (D-Incumbent)
CD 19 Randy Neugebauer (R-Incumbent)
CD 21 Lamar Smith (R-Incumbent)
CD 22 Pete Olson (R-Incumbent)
CD 23 Francisco Canseco (R) beat Ciro Rodriguez (D-Incumbent)
CD 24 Kenny Marchant (R-Incumbent)
CD 26 Michael Burgess (R-Incumbent)
CD 27 Blake Farenthold (R) beat Solomon Ortiz (D-Incumbent)
CD 31 John Carter (R-Incumbent)
CD 32 Pete Sessions (R-Incumbent)

PL Victories in US Congress (Not endorsed) (1)
CD 13 Mac Thornberry (R-Incumbent)

Texas State Senate

TRTL Endorsed Victories in Texas Senate (7)
SD 1 Kevin Eltife (R-Incumbent)
SD 2 Bob Deuell (R-Incumbent)
SD 3 Robert Nichols (R-Incumbent)
SD 7 Dan Patrick (R-Incumbent)
SD 17 Joan Huffman (R-Incumbent)
SD 18 Glenn Hegar (R-Incumbent)
SD 22 Brian Birdwell (R-Incumbent)

PL Victories in Texas Senate (Not endorsed) (2)
SD 5 Steve Ogden (R-Incumbent)
SD 8 Florence Shapiro (R-Incumbent)

Texas House of Representatives

TRTL Endorsed Victories in Texas House (69)
HD 2 Dan Flynn (R-Incumbent)
HD 5 Bryan Hughes (R-Incumbent)
HD 6 Leo Berman (R-Incumbent)
HD 7 David Simpson (R)
HD 9 Wayne Christian (R-Incumbent)
HD 10 Jim Pitts (R-Incumbent)
HD 14 Fred Brown (R-Incumbent)
HD 16 Brandon Creighton (R-Incumbent)
HD 17 Tim Kleinschmidt (R-Incumbent)
HD 18 John Otto (R-Incumbent)
HD 19 Mike Hamilton (R-Incumbent)
HD 24 Larry Taylor (R-Incumbent)
HD 25 Dennis Bonnen (R-Incumbent)
HD 26 Charlie Howard (R-Incumbent)
HD 29 Randy Weber (R-Incumbent)
HD 30 Geanie Morrison (R-Incumbent)
HD 32 Todd Hunter (R-Incumbent)
HD 33-Raul Torres (R) beat Solomon Ortiz, Jr. (D-Incumbent)
HD 34-Connie Scott (R) beat Abel Herrero (D-Incumbent)
HD 35-Jose Aliseda (R) beat Yvonne Gonzalez Toureilles (D-Incumbent)

HD 39 Armando Martinez (D-Incumbent)
HD 40 Aaron Pena (D-Incumbent)
HD 44 Edmund Keumpel (R-Incumbent)
HD 45-Jason Isaac (R) beat Patrick Rose (D-Incumbent)
HD 52-Larry Gonzales (R) beat Diana Maldonado (D-Incumbent)

HD 55 Ralph Sheffield (R-Incumbent)
HD 56 Charles “Doc” Anderson (R-Incumbent)
HD 57-Marva Beck (R) beat Jim Dunnam (D-Incumbent)
HD 58 Robb Orr (R-Incumbent)
HD 59 Sid Miller (R-Incumbent)
HD 61 Phil King (R-Incumbent)
HD 62 Larry Phillips (R-Incumbent)
HD 63 Tan Parker (R-Incumbent)
HD 66 Van Taylor (R)
HD 67 Jerry Madden (R-Incumbent)
HD 69 Lanham Lyne (R)
HD 70 Ken Paxton (R-Incumbent)
HD 73 Doug Miller (R-Incumbent)
HD 75 Chente Quintanilla (D-Incumbent)
HD 78-Dee Margo (R) beat Joseph Moody (D-Incumbent)
HD 81 Tyron Lewis (R-Incumbent)
HD 82 Tom Craddick (R-Incumbent)
HD 84 John Frullo (R)
HD 86 John Smithee (R-Incumbent)
HD 88 Warren Chisum (R-Incumbent)
HD 89 Jodie Laubenberg (R-Incumbent)
HD 91 Kelly Hancock (R-Incumbent)
HD 92 Todd Smith (R-Incumbent)
HD 96-Bill Zedler (R) beat Chris Turner (D-Incumbent)
HD 97 Mark Shelton (R-Incumbent)
HD 101-Cindy Burkett (R) beat Robert Miklos (D-Incumbent)
HD 105 Linda Harper-Brown (R-Incumbent)
HD 106 Rodney Anderson (R) beat Kirk England (D-Incumbent)
HD 107 Kenneth Sheets (R) beat Allen Vaught (D-Incumbent)
HD 113 Joe Driver (R-Incumbent)

HD 114 Will Hartnett (R-Incumbent)
HD 117 John Garza (R) beat David McQuade Leibowitz (D-Incumbent)
HD 126 Patricia Harless (R-Incumbent)
HD 127 Dan Huberty (R)
HD 128 Wayne Smith (R-Incumbent)
HD 129 John Davis (R-Incumbent)
HD 130 Allen Fletcher (R-Incumbent)
HD 132 William Callegari (R-Incumbent)
HD 133-Jim Murphy (R) beat Kristi Thibaut (D-Incumbent)
HD 135 Gary Elkins (R-Incumbent)
HD 138 Dwayne Bohac (R-Incumbent)
HD 144 Ken Legler (R-Incumbent)
HD 149-Jack O’Connor (R) beat Hubert Vo (D-Incumbent)
HD 150 Debbie Riddle (R-Incumbent)

PL Victories in Texas House (Not endorsed) (8)
HD 1 Stephen Frost (D-Incumbent)
HD 13 Lois Kolkhurst (R-Incumbent)
HD 53 Harvy Hilderbran (R-Incumbent)
HD 60 Jim Keffer (R-Incumbent)
HD 72 Drew Darby (R-Incumbent)
HD 85 Jim Landtroop (R)
HD 94 Diane Patrick (R-Incumbent)
HD 112 Angie Chen Button (R-Incumbent)

Other Races

TRTL Endorsed Victories in other races (3)
5th District Court of Criminal Appeals – Robert Fillmore (R) – victory
State Board of Education, District 10 – Marsha Farney (R) – victory
13th Court of Appeals – Greg Perkes (R) beat Linda Yanez (D-Incumbent)