TRTL announces the Pro-Life All-Star Coauthors

All the Texas Right to Life priority bills for the 82nd Legislative Session are filed, and the legislative team is now recruiting coauthors! 

Coauthoring a bill, an important part of the legislative process, allows elected officials to attach their name to a bill and publicly express their support before the bill has even come up for debate or a vote.  Since over 3,000 bills were filed, co- authorship of Texas Right to Life’s priority bills signals that our measures to restore the sanctity of innocent human life are a top priority for our Pro Life Representatives.   
Since receiving bill numbers for all of our legislation, our legislative team has been diligently passing out reference cards to the members of the House of Representatives that list our bill numbers and authors, requesting them to coauthor.  For a list of TRTL’s priority legislation click here
We are very grateful for the members who have coauthored many of our bills.  Specifically, we want to recognize our “All-Stars.”  If a member has signed on to our six priority bills they receive a Gold Star.  If a member signed on to 4 or 5 of our priorities, they receive a Silver Star. 
Gold (All 6 bills)
Charles “Doc” Anderson 
Leo Berman 
Erwin Cain
Warren Chisum
Wayne Christian 
Dan Flynn 
Larry Gonzales 
Linda Harper-Brown 
Charlie Howard 
Dan Huberty
Bryan Hughes 
Jim Landtroop
Jodie Laubenberg
Sid Miller 
Jim Murphy 
Rob Orr 
John Otto 
Charles Perry 
Kenneth Sheets 
David Simpson 
Todd Smith 
Randy Weber
James White 
Paul Workman 
Bill Zedler
Silver (4-5 bills)
Dennis Bonnen
John Frullo
Mike Hamilton 
Lois Kolkhorst
Jerry Madden 
Ken Paxton
Join Texas Right to Life in congratulating these Pro-Life All-Stars!  If your Representative is on one of these lists, please call his or her office to thank him or her for supporting the Pro-Life cause. 
If your Representative is NOT on this list, please call his or her office to encourage him or her to Coauthor all of TRTL’s Priority Legislation.  View a list of TRTL’s priority legislation.