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This is the moment for which we've been waiting, and you’re invited to join for our Pro-Life election night coverage.
Throughout the evening, our team will be live-blogging the results, and you're invited to share your comments and opinions with us.
The big question for every Texan and American will be on the presidential race: President Romney or President Obama?
Innocent human Life will be even more endangered if Obama is reelected.  With Obama in office for another four years, the Supreme Court will be tilted to the far, extreme left.
Texas Right to Life is also watching two Congressional races very closely in which pro-life champs are running against avid abortion advocates:

— Randy Weber in Congressional District 14
— Francisco Raul “QuicoCanseco in Congressional District 23
Our two candidates in these races must defeat extremist pro-abortionists who want to represent Texans in Congress.
Competitive races across the state for the Texas State Senate and the Texas House of Representatives have our attention. Key races must be won so as to defeat pro-abortionists who aim to block and reverse every Pro-Life measures.
We want to protect the two-thirds Pro-Life majority in each chamber of our state capitol in order to pass new life-saving legislation.
Additionally, Texas Right to Life PAC has been working to reach out to Pro-Life minorities seeking office, and our PAC is watching how Hispanic communities will support Pro-Life candidates.   
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For a Pro-Life victory!