Today the world commemorates 70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz; are there parallels with the Pro-Life movement?

Today the world commemorates the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Allied Forces in Germany. Seventy years ago today, innocent Jews, Christians, and other groups against which Hitler and the Nazis discriminated were freed from bondage and death by a coalition of countries who called for an end to the injustice. In order to accomplish their mission, these Allies had to join forces, combine resources, and strategize as one.

At Texas Right to Life, we recognize the parallel between the Life-affirming zeal that inflamed those Allied Forces, and the energy that sustains us in the Pro-Life movement. The Allied Forces clearly recognized the injustice of the crimes against the Jews while many others sat in complacent compliance with the atrocities inflicted by the Nazis.

Today in America, we see the same phenomenon occur among pro-abortion advocates and apathetic onlookers alike. Both of these groups contribute to the injustice of abortion, yet the pre-born and vulnerable Americans in this country are subjected to the tragic outcome and aftermath. But, like the Allied Forces, the Pro-Life movement is gaining the momentum it has needed for over four decades to engulf the enemy completely.

We saw an example of this power at the March for Life in Washington, D.C., this year, when Kristan Hawkins walked into an infuriated group of abortion advocates who chanted, “Abortion on demand and without apology!”Kristan, who leads the largest movement of Pro-Life youth in the country, shouted into her megaphone with conviction, “We are the Pro-Life Generation!” At that moment, Pro-Life youth marched through the crowd, and the abortion-zealous rioters dissolved and dissipated.

When Pro-Life forces come together in unity and peace, convicted by the justice Life demands, they experience the same kind of victory won by the Allied Forces in Germany so many years ago.

The sense of justice is a universal principle whose power stands outside of the boundaries of time and circumstance. Justice has the power to achieve victories that, in the midst of atrocity, seemed impossible. The Pro-Life movement is unstoppable because the majority of the world has awoken to the injustice that is abortion, just like the majority of the world eventually awoke to the tragic antics of Nazi Germany.

We arrive at this justice when we acknowledge the humanity of the pre-born. This knowledge is stronger than the false belief that they are parasites (an oft-quoted description of the pre-born we hear from the abortion movement). Hitler believed the same thing about the Jews, saying, “a parasite in the body of other nations” (Mein Kampf, Chapter XI).  Margaret Sanger carried on Hitler’s insidious message, establishing her belief in “ethnic purity” as a hallmark of Planned Parenthood, which she founded. Today, the tide is finally turning toward a Culture of Life. Will you help to keep the impetus behind us?