Today Show Hosts Surprised, Awed By Images of Unborn Baby Reacting to Taste

The hosts of the popular Today Show, some of whom are pro-abortion, were surprised and awed by 3D ultrasound imagery that showed an unborn baby reacting to different tastes.

The images came from a study conducted at Durham University and published in the British journal Psychological Science. The study recorded how 100 preborn babies at 32 and 36 weeks reacted to different tastes and smells in their mothers’ wombs.

Researchers discovered that babies in the womb have already developed their own food preferences. One unborn baby was recorded smiling when her mother consumed carrots but made a frowning face when she consumed kale.

Images and data obtained from the study clearly display the undeniable humanity of these unborn babies.

The abortion industry and anti-Life left shout slogans about “my body, my choice” and “reproductive rights.” But they completely ignore the central problem with abortion is that it kills a living human child.

In pretending to stand for women’s rights, the abortion industry attempts to throw a smoke screen over the truth about abortion and completely ignores preborn baby girls’ Right to Life.

Society has become so desensitized by abortion politics and blinded by abortion propaganda that we have completely forgotten whats truly at stake. What’s at stake is a human child, capable of having his or her own individual preferences and of experiencing joy, pain, and fear.

Studies such as this one conducted at Durham University, break through society’s callous indifference. So that even the pro-abortion TV personalities on the Today Show can smile in awe at the wonder of human Life.

Even the fact that an unborn baby already prefers carrots over kale further testifies that a preborn baby is truly and fully human and worthy of human dignity.

Pro-Lifers on Twitter were quick to point out how the study destroys the abortion industry’s argument that preborn babies aren’t human. “Pretty amazing for a clump of cells,” commented one Twitter user sarcastically.

The abortion industry tries to pretend that only “religious fanatics” believe in the value of preborn babies and that the Pro-Life argument is nothing more than a religious view being foisted on society.

Yet the footage captured by these Durham University scientists, and the findings of so many other scientists and researchers, prove beyond the shadow of doubt that preborn babies are human beings.

Graduate researcher Beyza Ustun, who spearheaded the Durham University study, explained the purpose of her work, saying, “a number of studies have suggested that babies can taste and smell in the womb, but they are based on post-birth outcomes while our study is the first to see these reactions prior to birth.”

The results from the study are adorable testimonies to the humanity of the preborn.

One of the Today Show’s hosts tried to diminish the findings, saying “the images could just show muscle movements when a baby’s reacting to a flavor that’s bitter, so you shouldn’t interpret it whether its, you know, happy or its distaste.” But other hosts on the show immediately shot back, one saying “no I think that’s how I’d interpret it,” and another commenting “because once they get out of the womb it’s that same look.”

A preborn child is recorded reacting to different tastes. Left: the baby reacts to tasting carrots. Right: the baby reacts to the taste of kale.

The sad reality is that while the hosts on the Today Show will smile in wonder and awe at images of what they themselves call “babies in the womb,” some of them will turn right around and argue in favor of abortion. What they miss is the cognitive dissonance in believing that it can ever be justified to purposely kill an innocent human child in the womb.

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