Three easy ways you can save lives this Christmas

Reflect the reason you celebrate Christmas in the gifts you give.  Use one of these three easy ways to save lives, and share the gift of LIFE with others.

  1. Honor your loved one with a gift to Texas Right to Life in his or her name

    When you donate to Texas Right to Life in the name of your family member or friend, you honor his or her desire to save babies and help pregnant women while inspiring the next generation of Pro-Life advocates.  Your friend or family member will receive a special commemorative letter notifying him or her of your generosity AND your collective impact.  You can also commemorate the passing of a loved one with a memorial gift.

    Contact us at 713-782-5433 or click here to make your memorial and honor gifts today.

  2. Save lives while you shop; use Amazon Smile (
    Select Texas Right to Life as your charity when shopping on Amazon Smile. Amazon donates a percentage of your purchases to the life-saving programs you built!  No extra costs or fees are incurred.  Simply select “Texas Right to Life Committee Educational Fund” as your charity.

    You’ll smile when you save lives when shopping at!

  3. Give a Christmas gift of stock
    What’s better than less taxes and more babies? A charitable gift of stock to the Texas Right to Life Educational Fund provides you with significant tax savings and empowers young men and women to choose Life.  Your gift of stock equips Pro-Life college students to reach their peers in crisis pregnancies with life-affirming options.  One-third of abortions in Texas are sought by college-aged women, and you will reach this abortion-vulnerable group and walk with them throughout pregnancy and beyond.

    By donating appreciated stock to the Texas Right to Life Educational Fund, you can avoid paying capital gains tax on your securities.   Please consult with your tax advisor to determine what is best for your financial situation.

    To transfer stock electronically, please wire the shares to Texas Right to Life Educational Fund’s E*Trade account (6175-8881) and DTC number 0385.  2018 tax deductions qualify for stock transfers made before January 1, 2019.

    Call our Finance Department at 713-782-5433 for help!

Your life-saving investments through commemorative gifts, Amazon Smile, and gifts of stock will save children from abortion as we celebrate the birth of Our Savior.