The world goes “gaga” for the royal baby


Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, has been in the spotlight since marrying Prince Harry last year.  Media and royal watchers have been even more obsessed since the couple announced the duchess is pregnant in October.

Recently, tabloids published photos of Markle in New York where she visited famous friends for a baby shower.  Earlier in February, Markle appeared with Prince Harry on the red carpet for an awards presentation.  Comments on photos from both events have been focused on the duchess’s growing baby bump.  Speculation based on the 37-year-old duchess’s size and shape is running rampant.

Some royal watchers claim the position of the baby bump indicates the newest royal baby is a girl, although others say a boy.  Researchers say a baby’s sex does not affect the way a mother carries.

The exact due date of the royal baby is unknown, but comments at events last month indicate the duchess is about six or seven months pregnant with a due date sometime in April.  The fact that her baby bump is already so prominent has royal watchers convinced this will be a large baby, or even twins. Prince Harry added fuel to these rumors when he told reporters his wife was carrying “a heavy baby.”  This comment has some predicting that this might be the largest royal baby, possibly outweighing Prince William’s son Prince Louis who tipped the scales at 8 lbs., 7 oz. last April.

Throughout all this speculation and intrigue about the royal baby bump, one thing is not in question: the duchess is carrying a baby.  Like all caring friends, Markle’s pals in New York threw her a baby shower, not a fetus shower or a shower for her potential human being.  The world is obsessed with the photos of Markle’s baby bump for what they potentially reveal about the growing and developing baby, not a mass of cells or a “parasite.”

Notably, Markle’s baby shower took place in New York, which now has some of the most inhumane abortion laws in the world.  After the passage of extreme anti-Life laws earlier this year, abortions are allowed up to birth if the abortionist determines that continuing the pregnancy would affect the “health” of the mother, a term so broad and undefined as to allow abortions in virtually every circumstance.

When abortion activists discuss late-term abortion, they obscure the reality of what they are advocating.  The truth is that abortions that occur late in pregnancy are committed on mothers visibly pregnant, as the duchess is, with large and well-developed babies capable of living on their own outside the womb.  Every abortion takes a human Life, but late-term abortions on viable babies are so horrific that even most abortion advocates oppose them.

Markle was only in New York for a visit.  Obviously, the royal baby will be born in England.  Although the United Kingdom does not have abortion laws quite as extreme as New York, there is still a significant anti-Life bias in the taxpayer-funded National Health Service.  Abortions are mostly banned after 24 weeks of pregnancy.  This does not sound shocking compared to New York’s radical anti-Life law.  Still, if Markle is currently six months pregnant, she would barely be beyond the legal abortion limit, which is a shocking revelation.

Additionally, through the NHS, taxpayers pay for elective abortions.  And they are extremely common. According to analysis, 1 in 5 pregnancies in the United Kingdom ends in abortion.  

While the world celebrates the latest royal baby and awaits his or her arrival with eager anticipation, we should examine the inhumane and anti-Life laws that would allow that baby to be violently killed in abortion.  Of course, the royal baby will not suffer this fate, but why should any baby? A truly Pro-Life society is one that welcomes every child, whether royal or not, with the same enthusiasm the latest addition to royal family is receiving.  Being royal or being born does not determine human dignity; all children, whether born or preborn, deserve to be treated with the respect they are due.

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