The War on Women isn´t what American Fauxminists think it is

American “progressives” cry “war on women!” when groups like Hobby Lobby retain the right to adhere to their consciences and not provide women with free, abortion-inducing drugs (moreover, these drugs can be purchased a low cost where insurance does not cover them). They cry “war on women!” when legislators honor the wills of their constituents by opposing tax funding for abhorrent groups like abortion giant Planned Parenthood (even though reduced tax funding will not infringe on their perceived “right” to abortion). They cry “war on women!” when any man dares to publicly state that he is Pro-Life.

But these vociferous accusations are frivolous and downright shameful when juxtaposed with the actual atrocities being committed against women globally. There is a war on women, but it's not what fauxminists (fake feminists) think it is. And American fauxminists further compound their reputation for not truly caring about the real problems of women across the world when they deny or ignore the plights of gendercide, forced abortion, one-child policies, and male child preference in other nations. There is no true feminism (belief in equality between the sexes) in the absence of a deeply-rooted concern for the global welfare of women.

Reggie Littlejohn recently chronicled the destruction wrought by the war on women in China and India. Littlejohn is the founder of Women's Rights Without Frontiers, and knows first-hand the oppression suffered by women who suffer simply for being women. “For most of us, hearing 'it’s a girl' during a pregnancy ultrasound is cause for celebration,” says Littlejohn. “But in many countries, this phrase can be a death sentence. In fact, the words, “it’s a girl” are the deadliest words on earth when heard during pregnancy. According to a U.N. estimate, up to 200 million women are missing in the world today due to gendercide.”

The tragically unsurprising fruit of this anti-woman bias is a massively lopsided population heavily dominated by males (leaving too few women for a normal marriage rate among Chinese couples), and a skyrocketing suicide rate among women of childbearing age in that country. How, we should ask, is a woman supposed to accept the insistence that her sex is inferior and that her daughters are worthless – or, worse – deserving of death by abortion and infanticide?

Littlejohn makes an important observation about these tragedies, noting that the overall climate in countries like China and India are just as culpable for the death of her daughters as those who forcibly tear her unborn daughter out of her in a forced abortion: “A woman need not be dragged out of her home and strapped down to a table to be a victim of forced abortion. Crushing social, economic, political and personal pressures in cultures with a strong son preference trample women who are pregnant with a girl.”

As a result of this horrendous affront to the dignity of females, the male-dominated demographics in China have led to desperation, resulting in human trafficking. In fact, if the current trend continues and the country does not put an end to the war on females in China, by 2030 the problem will have escalated to unimaginable proportions, with virtually no female brides in the population because of their eradication before or shortly after birth.

Littlejohn cites the tragic story out of India last week wherein we learn of the death of 11 women who died from complications of government-sponsored sterilizations. So intense is the country's micromanagement of a woman's right to bear children that they pay for mass sterilizations among their female population. Treating female fertility as a disease instead of a gift is just one more misogynistic way to carry on a patriarchal culture. Is that the legacy American fauxminists want to leave?  If they don't snap out of their daze, crying “war!” every time their desire for free fertility-control is slighted, their legacy will be just that.