The Texas 2015 Pro-Life Legislative Agenda

Stop the Abortion Industry’s Abuse of Courts
HB 2531 by Representative Matt Krause & SB 1564 by Senator Konni Burton

Current Texas Law currently requires both parental consent and notice before an elective abortion.  However, pregnant minors may get permission from a judge to undergo the abortion without any parental involvement.  This judicial bypass process has numerous loopholes through which the abortion industry and activist lawyers usher minors through exploiting parental rights.  This bill would close these loopholes and include more protections for the pregnant minors.

Pro-Life Health Insurance Reform
HB 1435 by Representative John Smithee & SB 575 by Senator Larry Taylor

This bill ensures coverage for elective abortion is not included in basic health insurance plans in Texas — whether in private insurance plans, plans offered on the federal exchanges mandated by ACA, or the insurance plans for state employees.  Coverage for elective abortion would still be available in all these insurance pools for those who wanted that specific service, but only through supplemental plans. Those who do not want elective abortion or who are opposed to abortion would no longer be paying for the abortion coverage of others.   

Coerced Abortion Prevention Bill
HB 1648 by Representative Molly White & SB 831 by Senator Lois Kolkhorst

This bill would clarify that coercing, forcing, bribing or unduly pressuring a woman to undergo an elective abortion is a crime.  Abortion providers would be required to inform women about their full rights and protections against coercion. The bill would also put in place mechanisms to prevent and prosecute abortion-related coercion.

DNR Consent Bill
HB 2949 by Representative Stephanie Klick & SB 1546 by Senator Charles Perry

This bill requires medical professionals to secure the consent (not just give notice) of the patient or surrogate before issuing a Do-Not-Resuscitate Order (called DNR or DNAR), which could authorize the withholding of life-saving medical care and hasten the death of the patient.

Reform the Texas Advance Directive Act
HB 3414 by Representative James Frank & SB 1163 by Senator Kelly Hancock

This reform to current law (Chapter 166.046 of the Health & Safety Code) would limit the statutory ethics committee process to only be used to withdraw treatment that is physiologically futile. This bill would also clarify that treatment decisions cannot be based on discriminatory judgments against persons with disabilities, the elderly, and terminally ill patients.

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