The RU-486 "abortion pill": human pesticide

The RU-486 “abortion pill” is a combination of drugs that work together to kill and then expel a preborn child from his mother’s womb. The first drug taken in a medical or “chemical” abortion (i.e., an abortion effected by the use of RU-486) is called mifepristone. This drug basically starves the preborn child to death by depriving him of the progesterone needed to nourish the placenta in which he lives. The second drug is called misoprostol. This drug causes uterine contractions which culminate in the expulsion of the dead child. (Read more about how the RU-486 procedure works here.) The combination of mifepristone and misoprostol is an inhumane way to end human Life.

The rhetoric that keeps RU-486 on shelves at pharmaceutical companies is that of human degradation and lies. The preborn children killed by chemical abortions are referred to as parasites; RU-486 is branded by proponents as a medical “treatment” for the so-called “problem” that is an unplanned child.

In short, the RU-486 drug is used as a human pesticide.


RU-486 is chosen by many mothers who abort their children. These mothers are often unprepared for the physical trauma of the loss, and the emotional trauma of meeting their dead child face-to-face, and holding them in their hands as the reality of their choice becomes inescapably clear.

Although used to extinguish humans en masse today, RU-486 is not the first pharmaceutical product developed for the widespread elimination of humans. During the Nazi Holocaust, Zyklon B gas was used to systematically murder millions of Jews, Christians, and others whom Hitler considered parasitic human beings. Zyklon B was developed and produced in concert with the chemical manufacturer L.G. Farben.

Zyklon B was not the first method attempted by Hitler’s demented research teams. Scientists and doctors struggled for a long time to discover the most quick and effective way of eliminating the greatest number of victims possible before Zyklon B – the gas chamber concoction par excellence – was developed and put to use. Until that point, many victims met their slow and painful deaths as human experiments for less “effective” formulas at the hands of insidiously cold-blooded utilitarian researchers.

L.G. Farben, the aforementioned producer of Zyklon B, later opted for a name-change, and developed subsidiaries thanks to a lucrative partnership with outspoken eugenicist John D. Rockefeller. One of those subsidiaries is Roussel Uclaf, the French company that developed the RU-486 abortion pill combination. So the company that developed the abortion drug, which empties countless Life-filled wombs, is the same company that manufactured the gas that sapped Life from innumerable Nazi gas chambers so many decades ago. 

Because of their unconscionable role in and complicity with the development of Zyklon B, employees of L.G. Farben were tried at Nuremburg for crimes against humanity. Should the creators of RU-486 share the same scrutiny and judgment?