The REAL darkest day in American history

Even as events were still unfolding at the U.S. Capitol the media rushed to declare January 6, 2021, the darkest day in American history. 

Since then the mainstream media along with crazed leftist politicians have harangued Americans. January 6 has been used as proof that anyone, really anyone at all, who can be even tangentially related to the conservative movement is a shameful perpetrator of incredible violence. 

January 6 has become a cudgel swung by the left to bash anyone who disagrees with their policies. Those who disagree are labeled “white supremacists” in the same vein as the Nazis. 

In his address on the first annual “January 6 Memorial,” Joe Biden proclaimed “in this sacred place, democracy was attacked — simply attacked. The will of the people was under assault. The Constitution — our Constitution — faced the gravest of threats.” 

In her address just before Biden’s, Kamala Harris pointed out that certain days stand out as significant in the American consciousness. 

December 7, the attack on Pearl Harbor. September 11, the attacks at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania. But according to Harris chief among these dates is January 6, the day “democracy was attacked.” 

Violence against human Life is always tragic and deeply wrong. 

Yet in terms of violence and harm done to American lives, January 6 does not even come close to a slew of other dark days in American history. 

In addition to Pearl Harbor and 9/11, March 6 stands out in infamy as the day the Supreme Court denied the personhood of African Americans in the horrific Dred Scott decision. These dates punctuate American history because of the sheer amount of violence and harm they brought to Americans. 

But left out by the media and historians is the true darkest day in American history, January 22, the day Roe v. Wade instituted abortion across the U.S. 

The January 6 riot directly claimed one life. 2,403 Americans were killed at Pearl Harbor. 2,977 innocent souls lost their lives on 9/11. Almost 400,000 African Americans were subjected to continued slavery and cruelty after the Dred Scott decision. 

How many lives has Roe v. Wade claimed? 

The numbers are complicated because of the highly controversial nature of abortion. But statistics gathered by the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute report over 60 MILLION lives have been ended by abortion. 

A 2019 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that approximately 66% of abortions in America are committed on African American, Hispanic, and other minority preborn children. 

Every single life has tremendous intrinsic value. Every life lost by each of these tragedies is a devastating catastrophe. 

The numbers tell a clear and compelling fact. 

January 22, the day Roe v. Wade was decided, is the darkest day in American history. 

That is why hundreds of thousands of Pro-Lifers across the country gather to march for Life on January 22. Marches in Washington D.C., Austin, San Francisco, and everywhere in between commemorate and mourn the over 60 million individual precious human children who have been brutally killed by abortion. 

Between all the screaming and name-calling flung over the abortion debate we can easily forget the truth… abortion is a savagely brutal and cruel reality. 

Yet from the tragedy of January 22 hope arises. In marching for Life, countless Pro-Lifers have unified and strengthened their resolve to end abortion. 

Hope is growing. 

The Texas Heartbeat Act has the abortion industry in Texas reeling. Over 10,000 babies have been spared since the law took effect and hundreds continue to be saved every day. 

The Supreme Court, in oral arguments concerning the Mississippi case Dobbs v. Jackson, signaled that Roe’s days may indeed be numbered. 

If Roe were to be struck down ALL elective abortions in Texas would cease. 

Victory is very close. 

This January 22, let’s lovingly take to the streets to peacefully march for Life. March in memory of the millions of innocent little babies so cruelly killed. March in celebration of the many thousands of lives saved by the Pro-Life movement. March for the countless millions of lives still to be saved. 

As the REAL darkest day in American history approaches, let’s strengthen our resolve and commit to never slow down and never give up until abortion is ended forever. 

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