The Holocaust and Abortion: Comparable Atrocities?

With few exceptions, the world acknowledges the atrocious reality of the Jewish Holocaust under Nazi Germany during World War II.  However, worldwide recognition of the abortion holocaust pales by comparison.  Are these atrocities comparable, and if so, why is recognition afforded widely to one and not to the other?

The Jewish Holocaust and the legalization of abortion were both fueled by a desire to exterminate certain populations seen as less worthy of life than others.  In the case of the Jewish Holocaust, the Hitler saw the Jewish race as subhuman: he called Jews, “a parasite in the body of other nations” (Mein Kampf, Chapter XI).  The earliest American proponents of legalized abortion, beginning with Margaret Sanger, held the same ethnic principles at the forefront of their debate.  According to Sanger, abortion was meant for the extermination of those whom some see as unfit to be alive, including the entire black population and many other minorities, as well as the mentally and physically handicapped.  Recently, an undercover project by Live Action Media revealed that Planned Parenthood affiliates were not only willing, but enthusiastic to receive donations earmarked specifically for the slaughter of black children. (

While eugenic philosophies still fuel the abortion debate, many unborn children are now also sacrificed at the altar of convenience and are seen as unfit not because of race, but because they are seen as a burden to their own parents. Similarly, the elderly, ill, and very young were slaughtered immediately upon their arrival at Auschwitz and other death camps because they could not work as hard and they were seen as merely more mouths to feed.  These are examples of prejudice against the inconvenient.

Prejudice is always focused on self.  In Hitler’s case, his discrimination was fueled by a psychotic desire to see Germany and the world inundated by Arians and no other race.  He was an Arian.  Margaret Sanger’s prejudice was also fueled by a belief in Arian superiority, as well as her belief in a right to promiscuity unencumbered by consequences.  She too was an Arian, and a wildly promiscuous woman.  No matter who is targeted: Jews, people of color, unborn children – the same irreconcilable beliefs which motivated the Jewish Holocaust motivate the abortion industry to this day, and these discriminatory principles are enshrined, preserved, and thriving in abortion mills across the world.

The best way to ensure that the abortion atrocity is duly recognized by the public is to do our part in educating our peers.  Post the above Live Action link in your Facebook or Twitter status, call your local radio stations to encourage them not to play Planned Parenthood ads on the grounds of its history of prejudice, or distribute information from organizations like Too Many Aborted (