The dangers of ellaOne

The FDA is about to have a hearing to decide whether or not to approve the new abortion drug ellaOne for over-the-counter distribution.  There are several misconceptions about the drug, uncertainty about the long-term health effects it has on women and the potential for rampant misuse that the FDA needs to take into consideration.  Several Pro-Life groups are also writing official letters to the FDA urging them not to approve this new drug.  

EllaOne is being marketed as an emergency contraceptive, and not as an abortion drug.  This is very misleading.  According to LifeNews, medical literature has proven that ellaOne not only prevents implantation, but also can terminate established pregnancies.  It is very manipulative to try to pass this drug off as emergency contraceptive, when it has been documented to have the effects of an abortion agent.   

Another major concern with ellaOne is the fact that there has been virtually no testing on the long-term effects continued use might have on women.  Perhaps even more troubling is the documented short term effects that have occurred.  LifeNews reports that in clinical trials it was common for women to complain of ovarian pain, and some reports of increased infections, bleeding disturbances and ovarian cyst formations were documented.  If ellaOne is approved for over-the-counter distribution there would be no way to monitor its use or to ensure that already pregnant women do not have access to ellaOne.    

These dangers have prompted Pro-Life organizations Americans United for Life and the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians & Gynecologists (AAPLOG) to urge the U.S. Food and Drug Administration not to approve ellaOne, or at least prevent it from being sold over-the-counter.  The AAPLOG also includes a plea that if approved, the FDA require the highest black box warning on the product's packaging because, “without making clear to the public that ulipristal (ellaOne) has a substantial abortifacient capacity-that action would violate the public trust granted FDA by Congress.”  

Please share this information with anyone that might be fooled into thinking that ellaOne is nothing more than a new Plan B pill.  The FDA hearing is set for June 17th to determine if ellaOne will be allowed in the United States.  Be sure to follow the public hearing and its outcome, and be ready to educate as many people as possible about the real dangers of ellaOne should it be approved for over-the-counter distribution.     

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