The danger of ´dying with dignity´

Fighting assisted suicide is a central and crucial tenant of the Pro-Life movement.  Pro-Lifers must make sure that the disabled, terminally ill, and elderly are not led to believe that death is the only way that their suffering will cease.  All Life is valuable and individuals should never be convinced that their current condition has made them such a drain on society and their families that they have a “duty to die.”  

The anti-Life movement has developed the idea of “Death with Dignity” and this has become one of their most powerful weapons.  The concept behind this chilling philosophy is that people should be allowed the freedom to plan the end of their life.  While it is understandable that patients do not wish to suffer endlessly, hospitals and physicians are using this movement to save money on long-term care. 

 Patients that endure immense suffering are being psychologically manipulated into seeing death as the only way to end their pain.  While anti-Life advocates paint a picture of patients that calmly and rationally decide to die, the truth is that these patients are in an understandable state of depression from the constant pain and demoralizing prognosis.  They are not always rational and with proper pain management therapy and counseling, they would be better able to cope with their feelings of despair. 

 Although most terminal patients and their loved ones have to make peace with illness and death, the “Death with Dignity” mentality completely overlooks the fact that there are several new treatments and medical breakthroughs on the horizon.  This anti-Life philosophy robs patients of any hope to hold onto, and puts them in a dangerous mindset when contemplating issues of Life and death.    

 “Death with Dignity” strips away the value of human life.  Under this system, if you are sick, elderly, or disabled it is argued that you offer no value to society.  Every Life has value, and people should not be forced to end their lives because they see themselves as a burden to their families and society.    

Pro-Life organizations and activists must continue to bring to light all issues surrounding assisted suicide.  The Pro-Life movement is built around the concept of protecting the Sanctity of Life and defending the weak among us, and this includes those who are being manipulated and bullied into killing themselves.