The abortion lobby´s real war on [Pro-Life] women

Planned Parenthood and the rest of the abortion lobby market themselves as organizations that care about women unconditionally. Yet, that unconditional love is quickly spoiled when you start thinking for yourself. 

In the minds of the feminist left, abortion is synonymous with women’s health, and if you oppose the killing of children in the womb, you are immediately labeled anti-woman and part of the paternalistic oppression of women in the United States. Or so Planned Parenthood and its lobby of abortion-pushers think. 
Planned Parenthood lauds President Obama for his dedication to women’s health (i.e. abortion); yet it fails to see the irony when their fearless leader pushes the country into the misogynistic ideal that allows men to use women without having to deal with the products of sexual liberation – pregnancy.   
However, if anyone – even the women Planned Parenthood and their cronies claim to care about unconditionally – thinks a negative thought about abortion and those who promulgate it, they are guilty of aiding and abetting the so called “War on Women.” 
Planned Parenthood continuously devalues conservative, Pro-Life women for opposing the radical, faux-feminist agenda. Just look at the way they treated Arizona Governor Jan Brewer when she signed a budget defunding the abortion giant, by accusing her of forcing women to choose between their jobs and Planned Parenthood. The abortion conglomerate called New York Representative Ann Marie Buerkle a “chump” for her willingness to stand for Life on the floor of the U.S. House. 
Remember when Pennsylvania State Representative Babette Josephs asked of the conservative, Pro-Life women in the Pennsylvania State Legislature who supported a state sonogram bill, “What are they? Women, or are they men with breasts?” Yet, the radical abortion agenda is still being promoted over real female empowerment and the pro-abortion left do so with pride.    
In the often expressed opinions of the feminist left, women who have either escaped or evaded the clutches of the abortion lobby are vilified as unintelligent beings who deserve the paternalistic treatment they are charged of proliferating. 
Where is that unconditional love now?
Women who support both women and their unborn children and have embraced the true meaning of the word feminism are castigated by the liberal left because they threaten to divulge what Planned Parenthood really stands for: turning a profit on abortion and belittling any woman who may get in their way. 
The thought of strong, independent, conservative, Pro-Life women is so terrifying to the abortion lobby that the only way the left can continue pushing their abortion-minded agenda is to demonize and negate their value as women. They treat women who oppose them as if they are stupid and unable to make rational decisions. 
Planned Parenthood’s support and care for women is clearly imaginary, because if it was unconditional, they would not be propping up the so-called “War on Women” simply to demean other women. 
As long as Obama remains in office and Planned Parenthood has him in its pocket, the liberal left will continue to attack strong, Pro-Life women who stand for real womanhood and pose a threat to the radical abortion agenda being forced on this country.