Speaker of The Texas House, Joe Straus, gavels out sine die

In a stunning attack on Texas voters, Pro-Lifers, and taxpayer activists, Joe Straus, Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives, singlehandedly killed Governor Greg Abbott’s agenda for this First Called Special Session of the 85th Texas Legislature.

Earlier this evening, Straus gaveled out sine die in the midst of floor debate, in the midst of unfinished business, and even in the midst of objections from members of the Texas House.  This special session was not scheduled to end until tomorrow, leaving time to dot what few “i’s” and “t’s” remain.  So much for the will of the majority of the House members prevailing.  In adjourning, Straus ignored loud objections from the floor and denied members their right to vote on the move.

Not only did the adjournment kill the key issues for which Governor Abbott called, such as property tax reform, spending limits, privacy protections, paycheck protection, and more, but Straus also confirmed what activists and voters across Texas have been sensing:  Straus is afraid.

Throughout this special session, Texans have become fed up with the vicious games and stall tactics by the leadership of the Texas House.  The failure of the leadership of the House is the one and only reason that a special session of the 85th Legislature was needed; they refuse to pass needed conservative reforms for which the voters are clamoring.  Since many of the members of the Texas House of Representatives have pushed for such reforms and conservative legislation, leadership has stonewalled and abused power and warped parliamentary procedures.

As a result, the Republican caucus of the Texas House is set for a meeting to review and establish the rules by which a new speaker of the Texas House is elected.  That meeting is tomorrow morning, Wednesday, August 16, and Straus is afraid.  He and his malcontent committee chairs know that they are about to lose power and that this caucus meeting will not afford them the sycophantic fawning of past caucus meetings.  So Straus adjourned, hoping the House members would go back home to their families and districts and not attend the caucus meeting.

The House Republican Caucus is scheduled to meet at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow (Wednesday) in the Capitol’s John H. Reagan Building to discuss adopting procedures for a caucus nominee for speaker.

Texas Right to Life will be stationed outside the caucus meeting to report who attends via a Live broadcast on Facebook.  Not participating in this caucus meeting signals that your state representative wants the tyrannical leadership of Joe Straus to continue in the Texas House.  That is a direct stab to your back—to you the voter and the taxpayer.

SPECIAL EDITION: Jim & Michael Show (08/16/2017)

Live coverage outside the Reagan Building in Austin, TX as Republican House members meet to discuss the process for selecting a speaker.

Posted by Texas Right to Life on Wednesday, August 16, 2017

No matter what Governor Abbott decides about a second special session, RINO-hunting season on Republicans-In-Name-Only has begun for members of the Texas House of Representatives.  With his gavel that shattered the hopes of any moderate incumbent from returning to the pink dome as an officeholder, Straus did conservatives a favor by kicking off the upcoming March 2018 primary election.

Take back the Texas House of Representatives from the Straus tyranny.  Members of the Texas House of Representatives need to #PickASide and stand with Governor Abbott, Lieutenant Governor Patrick and the majority of Texans, or they stand with Straus to undo our rights to Life, liberty, and property.