Texas Right to Life to Release 83rd Legislative Scores

At the onset of Legislative session in January, Texas Right to Life released an aggressive agenda of priority legislation that would protect Texas families and preborn children.
The Second Special Session of 83rd Texas Legislature was monumental.  Despite some in leadership blocking our measures during the regular session, many senators and representatives still co-authored and worked to support our Pro-Life bills.  Their scores reflect their leadership and commitment to the cause; conversely, the scores of those who worked against us reflect that, too.
The Legislative Department of Texas Right to Life works around the year, traveling and meeting with elected officials and Pro-Life leaders from across the state to build consensus on the Pro-Life agenda for each session.  For the 2013 session, the Preborn Pain Bill and increased safety standards at abortion clinics were the priority as was improving the rights of patients when hospitalized.
Many significant pieces of Pro-Life legislation were filed during the 83rd Legislative Session, but none passed until Governor Perry called legislators back to Austin to address these important matters.  Texas Right to Life includes points for authoring, co-authoring, and votes for final passage in our legislative rankings and scores.  Anti-life measures and votes are also included in the scores.  
On Tuesday, October 29th, the Pro-Life scores of each legislator who served in the 83rd Sessions will be released on TexasRightToLife.com.  The majority of Texans continue to vote Pro-Life for Pro-Life candidates and incumbents based on their voting records and commitment to the cause.  Texas Right to Life’s legislative scores separates the wheat from the chaff and the poser from the proven Pro-Lifers.