Texas Right to Life Team Stands for Life at Texas Legislative Session

Texas Right to Life Team Spearheading Pro-Life Efforts in 84th Texas Legislative Session

AUSTIN, Texas, January, 15, 2015 – The Texas Right to Life Legislative Team has set roots in Austin, where they will work to at the Texas Capitol for the next five months to promote and protect Life for Texans.  Texas Right to Life has been key to successful Pro-Life legislation since 1999.

President Jim Graham serves as a key advisor to the legislative team, which is led by Elizabeth Graham, Director, and John Seago, Legislative Director.  Emily Horne, Senior Legislative Associate; and Emily Kebodeaux, Esq., serve as the heels on the ground, taking charge of Capitol Hill in our weird capital city.  In addition, the Texas Right to Life team headquartered in Houston provides valuable assistance to the team in Austin.

Texas Right to Life builds relationships with Pro-Life legislators and merges the interests of diverse stakeholders when solidifying consensus on the most effective Pro-Life legislative agenda.  Our agenda reflects years of research, data collection, statute analysis, and national strategy, as well as support from highly-credentialed experts in relevant fields of science, law, medicine, and bioethics.

Texas Right to Life is committed to representing all Life, and all Texans who are vulnerable to an  anti-Life agenda.  Our agenda is simple: protect LIFE, whether that means playing offense or defense when the Legislature is in session.  With 101 of 150 representatives (96 Republicans and 5 Democrats) and 19 of 31 senators (18 Republican and 1 Democrat) voting Pro-Life, the Pro-Life agenda should see many successes during the 84th regular session.