Texas Right to Life Files to Dismiss Abortion Industry’s Lawsuits

Texas made history last year by becoming the first state ever to enforce a heartbeat law, and now, because of that victory we live in a dramatically safer state for unborn children and their families.

With our groundbreaking momentum, the Supreme Court of the United States overturned Roe v. Wade and restored states’ authority to protect preborn children from abortion throughout pregnancy. Every Texas abortion clinic stopped committing murder and many abortionists could face criminal prosecution. Abortion funds stopped paying for abortions – including those that are out-of-state – because of threatened lawsuits.

Even after Roe, the Texas Heartbeat Act remains critical to the Pro-Life movement because it allows private citizens to sue abortionists who break the law. Leftist local district attorneys already pledged to give abortionists a free pass to continue killing preborn children secretly, but the Texas Heartbeat Act gives ordinary citizens tools to enforce Pro-Life laws.

The abortion industry is still terrified of the Texas Heartbeat Act and how Texas and other states could build on its amazing success. That’s why Planned Parenthood and 13 other members of the abortion industry are continuing their lawsuits against Texas Right to Life. They hope these lawsuits from 2021 will become a vehicle to declare the Texas Heartbeat Act unconstitutional. Thus, Texas Right to Life’s attorneys filed motions last Friday to have the cases dismissed. Further litigation is not needed as the abortion industry has completely capitulated to the new reality that the intentional killing of unborn life is no longer welcome in Texas.

We firmly believe that it is critical for the future of enforcement of Pro-Life legislation that the abortion industry’s attacks are stopped, and that the Texas Heartbeat Act remains law. We are confident that these cases will ultimately be resolved with this life-saving policy still standing.