Texas Right to Life Endorses Matt Rinaldi for Texas GOP Chair

Texas Right to Life proudly endorses Honorable Matt Rinaldi for Chair of the Republican Party of Texas. Matt Rinaldi’s campaign for re-election as chair is currently unopposed; conservatives must be prepared for a last-minute attempt to replace him with a moderate sell-out. We urge all Pro-Life Texas Republican delegates to vote for courageous conservative Matt Rinaldi for chairman on Friday, June 17. 

Among the Republican Party of Texas’ top principles is that, “the sanctity of innocent human life, created in the image of God … should be equally protected from fertilization to natural death.” Republicans recognize the Right to Life is the most fundamental of our rights as Texans, Americans, and human beings. The party platform contains over a dozen Pro-Life planks, and the abolition of abortion must remain a legislative priority. The work of the Republican Party of Texas toward this end is absolutely vital.

With the Supreme Court on the verge of a historic ruling allowing Texas to fully protect innocent human Life from abortion, Republicans will need a proven and fearless Pro-Life hero leading the party.

No one is better equipped to lead this pursuit than Matt Rinaldi. During his two-term tenure in the Texas House of Representatives, Rinaldi was a powerful force for Life. As the Pro-Life Whip, he organized the defense of Pro-Life legislation and ensured anti-Life efforts from Democrats and Republicans were soundly defeated. Rinaldi’s work on the Texas budget stopped all state funds from flowing to Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses. As a state representative, Rinaldi championed significant Pro-Life legislation, including a strong 2017 amendment to the state budget that patched the final holes through which the abortion industry received state funds. These achievements as well as others earned him the prestigious title of Pro-Life Hero in 2017.

If re-elected, the Republican Party of Texas will continue to benefit from Matt Rinaldi’s bold Pro-Life vision. His effective conservative leadership is precisely what the Republican Party of Texas needs at the helm. Texas Right to Life proudly and emphatically endorses Matt Rinaldi, and we urge all Republican delegates to vote for him as Party Chairman at the Republican Party of Texas State Convention on Friday, June 17.

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