Texas Right to Life congratulates Dan Flynn

Texas Right to Life is extremely pleased with Representative Dan Flynn’s Primary victory today.

Dan will protect and build upon our recent Pro-Life successes, such as the passage of the pre-abortion Sonogram Law, $64.2 million of taxpayer money slashed from the abortion industry, and 13 Planned Parenthood closures.

The abortion and pro-death medical lobbies fought tooth and nail to defeat candidates like Dan this election season, but voters saw through the rhetoric and elected the best person for the job.

Dan has co-authored and supported Pro-Life legislation for years, like the Women’s Right to Know Act in 2005. He also helped pass a ban on third trimester abortions and opposed measures to destroy human embryos. Dan is always quick to co-sponsor bills and offer Pro-Life amendments.

Dan earned Texas Right to Life PAC’s endorsement by meeting our stringent requirements on issues such as abortion, euthanasia, defunding the abortion industry, stem cell research, hospital Death Panels, and the rights of patients to direct their own healthcare.

Texas Right to Life looks forward to continuing to fight side by side with Dan in Austin to protect innocent human life from fertilization to natural death.