Texas Right to Life applauds Jeff Leach´s fight for Life

Today marked the end of primary voting, but the local fight isn’t over to elect a truly Pro-Life representative.

Jeff Leach will need your extra support during a special runoff election on July 31st.

Anti-Life advocates have come out in force this election season to viciously strike down Pro-Life candidates across the state, because they fear that with people like Jeff leading Texas, their deathly agenda would be at risk.

So to protect their interests, the abortion and pro-death medical lobbies have funded RINOs to infiltrate key races like this one to trick voters into electing a representative who appears to be Pro-Life, but who has no intention of defending Life in office.

The only reason Jeff’s opponent has made it even this far is because of this “Pro-Life” charade.

Jeff, however, fully intends to protect and build upon our recent Pro-Life successes, such as the passage of the pre-abortion Sonogram law, $64.2 million in tax money slashed from the abortion industry, and 13 Planned Parenthood closures.

Jeff is a strong advocate for the Life cause and believes Texas should be known not just as a state that protects Life, but one that actively promotes a Culture of Life.

Jeff earned Texas Right to Life PAC’s endorsement by meeting our stringent requirements on issues such as abortion, euthanasia, defunding the abortion industry, stem cell research, hospital Death Panels, and the rights of patients to direct their own healthcare.

We are confident that, when elected, Jeff will work side by side with Texas Right to Life in Austin to protect innocent human life from fertilization to natural death.