Texas Right to Life announces emergency Fellowship class

With Battleground Texas bringing in millions of out-of-state dollars to turn our Lone Star state into an abortion stronghold in the next two years, the need for additional Dr. Joseph Graham Fellows has hit a critical level.
If these abortion zealots are successful, the path to the U.S. Presidency for a Pro-Lifer will be lost for a generation – if not forever.
We need to increase the number of our future leaders we are developing and have decided to train an extraordinary mid-year class of warriors; something we have never done.
Help Texas Right to Life identify Pro-Life college students to apply for this special “emergency class” of campus leaders.  These firebrands should have at least two and a half years remaining in their undergraduate studies and be committed to promoting a Culture of Life on the campus of their four-year, accredited Texas university.
Through peaceful and prayerful educational efforts and activism, the Dr. Joseph Graham Fellows engage their peers in many ways.  Our fellows set up tables on the campus to meet and challenge their peers, volunteer at Crisis Pregnancy Centers, organize Pro-Life walks and fun-runs, and hold debates that uncover the true war on women, the myths of abortion, and the propaganda about women’s health.
Our fellows advertise the Life options available for their peers facing unplanned pregnancies.
Students who are members of the fellowship program work tirelessly on their campuses to expose the blatant lies that Battleground Texas, Planned Parenthood, and other leading abortion advocates spread throughout higher academia.
Help Texas Right to Life recruit and identify Pro-Life applicants for our program who will courageously witness to the fact that all innocent human life has infinite value and must be defended.
Please share this message with any and all energetic, passionate college students.
For more information, contact Melissa Pici (MPici@TexasRightToLife.com) or visit TexasRightToLife.com/student-central devoted to this revolutionary program.