Texas Right to Life Ambassador spearheads local prayer campaign in Collin County

This year’s worldwide Pro-Life prayer campaign kicked off last Wednesday, and one of Texas Right to Life’s own ambassadors took the initiative to lead Pro-Lifers in Collin County in engaging with their community.  After just one week, the prayerful campaign headed up by Chris Towne is already changing hearts and minds.

Every day, 10-15 prayer volunteers stand outside the Plano abortion mill from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., peacefully praying for the end of elective abortion in their city and engaging with the women entering inside.  The majority of these volunteers are members of Watermark Church and Catholic churches from around the area. These Pro-Lifers have recognized the urgent need to sacrifice their time and resources in order to end elective abortion in their community.

Because of the work of these men and women, one pregnant couple entering the clinic decided instead to seek services at the local pregnancy resource center, and six women who had been visiting for non-abortion services were informed about the clinic’s abortion business and responded by choosing a different facility for services. 

As a Texas Right to Life Ambassador for Collin County, Chris Towne is making a real difference for Life in his community through his leadership in this Life-saving campaign.

To partner with Chris in this prayerful volunteer opportunity to fight back against the abortion industry in Plano, you can sign up here to take part in the vigil, which will run until November 3.  Additionally, a midpoint rally will be held on October 12 at noon in front of the abortion clinic for a special time of prayer and encouragement.