Texas passes legislation that protects women, Life

Elizabeth Graham
Texas Right to Life


Texas passes legislation that protects women, Life


Early Saturday morning, the Texas Senate passed House Bill 2 by a vote of 19-11. The bill will go to Governor Perry's desk;  he welcomes the opportunity to sign the bill into law.


The bill’s sponsor, Senator Glenn Hegar (R-Katy), fielded amendments and questions from other senators trying to stall passage of the bill.


From his statements on the Senate floor, Sentor Hegar passionately defended the unborn as well as the women of Texas.


 [HB2] Establishes a state compelling interest in protecting preborn children who can feel pain and… bans abortions at  5 months. The bill also raises the standard of care by requiring all abortions facilities to upgrade to the standards of  ambulatory surgical centers.  Regardless of your opinions; regardless of your thoughts; regardless of the claims many people have made; regardless of the color of your shirts, thank you to so many people who have participated in this legislative process… This has probably been the hardest piece of legislation that I have ever worked on…This bill has weighed very heavily on my heart, on my mind, and especially, on my soul.


Texas legislators heeded the majority of Texans and passed this landmark legislation that will protect women and their preborn children.


Now, preborn children, who are capable of experiencing pain, will be protected by the new law and spared the excruciating pain of an abortion.  


The Texas abortion industry will now be held more accountable to follow the law and increased safety standards required by House Bill 2.


Many of the arguments put forth by the bill’s opposition claim abortion centers will shutter due to this legislation. If these centers are truly concerned about women’s health, they will set aside their partisan talking points and provide protection by complying with the new law.


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