Texas introduces “anti-New York” bill to end late-term abortions

New York, Virginia, and now other states like Vermont, moved to expand late-term abortions, but to protect Texas from this murderous agenda, Senator Kelly Hancock and Representative Matt Schaefer introduced legislation to eliminate late-term abortions in TexasTell your elected officials today to support the Preborn NonDiscrimination Act (PreNDA) to protect babies from legalized genocide up to the moment of birth.

Your activism has already protected most preborn children from late abortions, but gaping loopholes still allow abortionists in Texas to kill babies up to the moment of birth.  No child – no matter their disability, race, or sex – should die by the violence of abortion.

While the rest of the nation rejects compassion for preborn children, now is YOUR chance to move Texas in the opposite direction.

New York’s abortion law didn’t develop overnight.  The abortion lobby carefully targeted the church and the culture, readying themselves to eventually pass the ultimate abortion bill that would rob every unborn New Yorker of any legal protections.  As the special interests aim to turn Texas blue in 2020, now is your chance to combat the deadly agenda while you still can.

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