Texas GOP Committees Support Pro-Life Platform and Legislative Priorities

The Republican Party of Texas (RPT) committees filed reports including crucial Pro-Life platform planks and legislative priorities recommended by Texas Right to Life. 

The Texas Right to Life legislative staff has been advocating for Life at the Republican Party of Texas State Convention all this week. Since January, Texas Right to Life has been working with Republican party voters from across the state to ensure the GOP’s platform and legislative priorities reflect Texans’ strong Pro-Life values. 

Reports released by the RPT Platform and Legislative Priorities committees show that the Pro-Life language recommended by Texas Right to Life has been adopted in their official reports sent to the delegates. 

The Legislative Priorities Permanent Report includes: 

  1. Abolish Abortion: On the recommendation of our legislative team, the committee adopted language to fully enforce all Pro-Life laws, including through the civil enforcement mechanism that made the Texas Heartbeat Act so massively effective. The language proposed by the committee urges “adopting effective tools to ensure the enforcement of our laws to protect life when district attorneys fail to do so.” 
  2. Protect Medical Freedom: The official language proposed by the committee states, “All Texans must be free to make their own medical decisions and have those decisions followed in all situations,” including regarding “life-sustaining treatment (repeal the 10-Day Rule).” 

The Platform Permanent Report includes planks that call for:

  • Investing in pregnant women: Plank 166 urges the legislature to “support programs that provide assistance to pregnant women” through the Alternatives to Abortion program, “safeguarding pregnant and parenting college students from discrimination,” and reforming the adoption process.
  • Stopping Abortion: Within plank 216 the party calls for the legislature to “extend the private cause of action used in the Texas Heartbeat Act to all pro-life laws and policies in Texas.”
  • Repealing the 10-Day Rule: Plank 171 unequivocally calls “for the Texas Legislature to repeal the unethical, unconstitutional, unprecedented, and anti-life 10-Day Law.” 

If approved by the full body of Republican delegates, these Pro-Life platform planks and legislative priorities will send a bold and unmistakable message to the Texas State Legislature that Texas must continue to lead the Pro-Life movement. 

On Saturday, the thousands of Republican delegates from across the state gathered in Houston will vote on the party platform and legislative priorities. Texas Right to Life encourages all Pro-Life delegates to stand up for Life by voting to include these planks and priorities in the final RPT platform and legislative priorities reports.

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