Texas elections create state Pro-Life majority

Although the presidential election did not end as we had hoped, the results of our statewide elections proved that Texans are undeniably Pro-Life.

Texans are now represented by 99 Pro-Life legislators in the Texas State House, and more than 21 Pro-Life legislators in the Texas State Senate.  This puts Pro-Lifers in the majority in both chambers.

Reflecting on the victories, Texas Right to Life’s Legislative Director, John Seago, said, “Texans will always vote their values, and Texans are unequivocally Pro-Life . . . [yet]with a federal administration set on keeping Planned Parenthood funded with taxpayer dollars, more than 75,000 abortions in Texas annually, and women being abused by the abortion business, there is much work to be done.”

Our next Texas legislative session is only 61 days away.  We are ready to work with our Pro-Life elected officials to protect innocent human life.

See our complete list of our victorious endorsed candidates in the US Congress, and the Texas State House and Senate, below:


District Office/Name Party
  US Congress  
1 Louie Gohmert** R
2 Ted Poe** R
3 Sam Johnson** R
4 Ralph Hall** R
5 Jeb Hensarling** R
7 John Culberson** R
8 Kevin Brady** R
10 Michael McCaul** R
11 Mike Conaway** R
14 Randy Weber* R
17 Bill Flores** R
19 Randy Neugebauer** R
21 Lamar Smith** R
22 Pete Olson** R
24 Kenny Marchant** R
25 Roger Williams* R
26 Michael Burgess** R
27 Blake Farenthold** R
31 John Carter** R
32 Pete Sessions** R
36 Steve Stockman* R
  State Senate  
1 Kevin Eltife** R
2 Bob Deuell** R
3 Robert Nichols** R
4 Tommy Williams** R
7 Dan Patrick** R
8 Ken Paxton* R
9 Kelly Hancock** R
11 Larry Taylor* R
16 John Carona** R
17 Joan Huffman** R
18 Glenn Hegar** R
22 Brian Birdwell** R
25 Donna Campbell** R
30 Craig Estes** R
  State Representative  
2 Dan Flynn** R
3 Cecil Bell* R
4 Lance Gooden** R
5 Bryan Hughes** R
7 David Simpson** R
9 Chris Paddie* R
10 Jim Pitts** R
12 Kyle Kacal* R
15 Steve Toth* R
16 Brandon Creighton** R
17 Tim Kleinschmidt** R
18 John Otto** R
19 James White** R
20 Marsha Farney* R
24 Greg Bonnen* R
25 Dennis Bonnen** R
26 Rick Miller* R
29 Ed Thompson* R
30 Geannie Morrison** R
32 Todd Hunter** R
33 Scott Turner* R
44 John Kuempel** R
45 Jason Isaac** R
47 Paul Workman** R
52 Larry Gonzales** R
55 Ralph Sheffield** R
56 Charles “Doc” Anderson** R
58 Rob Orr** R
61 Phil King** R
62 Larry Phillips** R
63 Tan Parker** R
65 Ron Simmons* R
66 Van Taylor** R
67 Jeff Leach* R
68 Drew Springer* R
70 Scott Sanford* R
73 Doug Miller** R
82 Tom Craddick** R
83 Charles Perry** R
84 John Frullo** R
86 John Smithee** R
89 Jodie Laubenberg** R
91 Stephanie Klick* R
92 Jonathan Stickland* R
93 Matt Krause* R
96 Bill Zedler** R
97 Craig Goldman* R
98 Giovanni Capriglione* R
105 Linda Harper-Brown** R
106 Pat Fallon* R
107 Kenneth Sheets** R
112 Angie Chen Button** R
113 Cindy Burkett** R
122 Lyle Larson** R
126 Patricia Harless** R
127 Dan Huberty** R
128 Wayne Smith** R
129 John Davis** R
130 Allen Fletcher** R
132 Bill Callegari** R
133 Jim Murphy** R
135 Gary Elkins** R
138 Dwayne Bohac** R
150 Debbie Riddle** R


* Endorsed Candidate

** Endorsed Incumbent