Texas College Student Chooses Fatherhood After Finding Abandoned Baby

“When I woke up that day, I was totally unaware that my life was about to change forever.”

While visiting home in Haiti as a student at Texas State University, Jimmy Amisial discovered an abandoned four-month-old baby boy in a dumpster, covered in ants.

“He was crying and had no clothes on and I could see the pain in his eyes,” Amisial explained. “People were crowding round this bin, and I heard them arguing about what to do with this tiny baby. Everyone was just staring at him; not a single soul wanted to help… I had to do something.”

The Texas student made a quick decision that would change his life forever, he decided to save the baby. First Jimmy took the baby home where his mother helped him wash, feed, and clothe the child. Then they took the baby to get medical help and called the police who could not locate the baby’s parents.

Amisial and his mother continued to care for the boy who they named Emilio Angel Jeremiah. A judge on the case then asked Amisial if he would like to adopt the child he had saved from the trash.

“I didn’t have a dad growing up, and this poor child was facing a lifetime of instability and uncertainty,” Amisial explained, “Something inside was telling me that this had happened for a reason — so I took a leap of faith.”

Though Amisial was still a student, facing an already heavy schedule, overdue university fees, and other financial difficulties, he knew Emilio desperately needed a father to care for him. Amisial rose to the occasion and chose fatherhood, becoming Emilio’s guardian and now soon his formally adopted father.

“I love him as if he were my own,” Amisial states, “He really is a special little boy.”

Now a happy five-year-old boy, Emilio is being raised by Amisial and his mother and about to start school! With the help of his mother, Amisial was able to continue his studies at Texas State while also raising his adopted son.

Amisial is currently working through the process to formally adopt Emilio.

Abortion activists constantly argue that children born into poverty or in poor circumstances have no prospect or chance of a good life and thus should be aborted in the womb. Yet by ending the life of a child in the womb, abortion stops children from ever having the opportunity to live a good and joyful life.

Pictures of Amisial and Emilio show a joy-filled father and son. Though abandoned to the elements in one of the most poverty-stricken countries in the world, Emilio was saved through God’s mercy and the courage of a young Texas college student.

Amisial and Emilio’s story destroys the abortion argument that a life born into poverty or bad circumstances can never be worth living.

“It hasn’t been easy, but it’s a blessing,” explains Amisial, “One thing I know is that, you can never go wrong when you choose love. It was those divine moments and interventions to show love, clarity and show the world that we can do better.”

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