Texas Coffee Shop Distributing “Emergency Contraceptives”

How would you feel if your go-to coffee shop was using their earnings to distribute dangerous Plan B contraceptives to mothers in your community? Pro-Life coffee lovers were shocked and appalled when it was discovered Lubbock coffee shop Tumbleweed + Sage is giving out abortion themed “care packages.”

At West Texas coffee shop Tumbleweed + Sage, pregnant mothers and women are encouraged to pick up a free pack of Plan B drugs in the drive thru or from the bathrooms inside. In addition to two Plan B pills, the kit also contains condoms, a pregnancy test, and a pamphlet with instructions.

Plan B is what is known as an “emergency contraceptive” (EC). Emergency contraception is fundamentally different from other birth control methods and pose a significantly greater risk to preborn human Life. 

Emergency contraceptives can act as abortifacients. Studies indicate that ECs, including Plan B pills, prevent the implantation of a newly-fertilized human embryo in the lining of the uterus, creating a toxic environment which ultimately causes the death of the developing child.

This means that Tumbleweed + Sage coffee shop is distributing pills that can be used to destroy preborn children newly forming in their mother’s wombs. 

This is another example of how the anti-Life movement is quick to pressure women into abortion and end the life of an innocent child instead of offering a mother true support. Rather than distributing potentially life-ending emergency contraceptives, Tumbleweed + Sage could be partnering with any one of the many life-saving West Texas pregnancy resource centers to provide real resources to pregnant moms instead of drugs that can kill their children.

Thanks to strong Texas Pro-Life laws, preborn babies are protected from elective abortion. Yet there are many, Tumbleweed + Sage included, who would like to see the slaughter of babies in the womb continue. 

As more companies like this one take actions against innocent preborn babies and against the Culture of Life, we should be reminded of the importance of supporting businesses with Pro-Life values. The next time you go out for coffee, look up Pro-Life coffee shops in your area. Maybe instead of unwittingly supporting businesses who use their funds to continue the killing of babies, we can patronize businesses who promote Life.

In Texas and across the nation there are a surprising amount of quality businesses, including clothing brands, coffee shops, cafes, and beyond, that support Pro-Life efforts. Just a few examples of businesses with strong Pro-Life values are Summer Moon Coffee Shop, Hope Outfitters, and so many more. All it takes is a little research to find great Pro-Life businesses that are perfect for your lifestyle.

Let’s show anti-Life businesses like Tumbleweed + Sage that Pro-Lifers will take our business elsewhere and support companies that will stand up to protect Life. 

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