Texans are keeping the abortion industry out, and we should be proud

The Associated Press recently featured reporting on the scarcity of abortion mills in Texas, as though this is cause for concern.  The piece, titled “For some Texans, nearest abortion clinic is 250 miles away,” unquestioningly asserts that having fewer businesses that profit from ending the lives of preborn babies is a setback for the Lone Star State.  The article examined Texas as a warning to states considering strong Pro-Life measures. In other words, the piece claims that protecting innocent human Life has been bad for Texas; in reality, the results on the ground show anything but.  The fact that more Texas cities are becoming Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn is proof that Texans are better without the abortion industry and Texans want to keep the abortion industry out.

The AP article starts with extensive quotes from Texas Equal Access Fund, Fund Texas Choice, and Afiya.  These three groups are presented as non-profit organizations that “help” women, but all these groups do is pay part of the travel expenses for mothers in crisis pregnancies seeking elective abortions.  Under the guise of charity, these groups ignore the pressing problems facing women in all walks of life and push them to opt to end their child’s life in abortion. The abortion industry has a history of lying about fetal development, telling women abortion is their only option, and sending coerced and abused women and girls back to their abusers after the abortion.

The AP piece includes a brief quote from JeanMarie Kmetz, member of the Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship and president of Raiders for Life at Texas Tech.  There is also a brief quote from Texas Right to Life’s own Kimberlyn Schwartz, a former Fellow and member of Raiders for Life.  However, these Pro-Life voices, representing the vast majority of West Texans, are sandwiched between outside radicals pushing elective abortion and shilling for the abortion industry.

If there were any doubt of this, ending with the perspective of abortion mill CEO Amy Hagstrom Miller removes them.  Miller takes the opportunity to fear monger about the imagined epidemic of self-induced abortions in Texas because of the lack of businesses administering death for cash.  The “study” showing a supposed increase in self-induced abortions is flawed to the point of incomprehensibility, yet Miller and those shilling for Big Abortion continue to toss around the idea that if abortion is not readily available, droves of Texas mothers will end their children’s lives themselves.  Legitimate studies and common sense do not bear this out.

The reporting by the AP, like many mainstream media outlets, conflates the abortion industry with all services for lower income women.  This is far from accurate. Pro-Life Texas legislators have invested in ensuring high quality health care for low income women without sending them to the predatory abortion industry.  Despite dire predictions by the abortion industry’s cronies in academia, since Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses stopped receiving funding for family planning services, unintended pregnancies in Texas decreased.

The AP article fails to show how Texas has suffered from fewer businesses in the lucrative business of death.  What the article does show is how highly motivated the abortion mob is to regain ground in our Pro-Life state. As the piece mentions, an anonymous donor has pledged $9 million to reopen Planned Parenthood in the region of Midland and San Angelo.  The need for each municipality in Texas to be declared a Sanctuary City for the Unborn is imperative to stopping the abortion industry from gaining a foothold in our Pro-Life state.

Mothers and babies deserve real support, not the death-for-cash of the abortion businesses we have fought so hard to drive out.  If you want to learn how to make your local community a Pro-Life beacon to the rest of Texas and to the rest of our nation, contact Texas Right to Life today.