Texan launches #BlackBabiesMatter sports marketing campaign to fight abortion

Proud Texan and professional kart racer Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani has launched #BlackBabiesMatter livery to draw attention to the staggering rate of abortion in Black communities. Kamau-Imani, who is a host for Raging Elephants Radio, has been a committed Pro-Life activist for many years. His new #BlackBabiesMatter campaign brings his Pro-Life message to a wider audience.

Kamau-Imani unveiled the new livery in a Facebook video showing his signature gold helmet emblazoned with the #BlackBabiesMatter logo. According to Raging Elephants, 30 years ago, Kamau-Imani was a sponsored formula racing car driver. His venture into the LO206 class of kart racing is, therefore, not his first experience of motor sports but represents a comeback.

Beyond the world of sports, Kamau-Imani’s comeback has a powerful message encapsulated in the hashtag #BlackBabiesMatter. Kamau-Imani said, “The #BlackBabiesMatter campaign is in direct response to the Black Lives Matter political movement.” He added, “Prominent pro athletes and leagues have advocated for BLM with zeal. I’m an opponent of the BLM social and political agenda and believe that there are more pressing issues facing the Black community than the false narrative that police officers are killing black people in ungodly rates.” He explained that the campaign also has a secondary goal, stating, “We want Black people to stop killing each other. The second cause of death of blacks in America is black-on-black crime.”

One of the most pressing problems facing the Black community is the rate of abortions, a horrific fact that could lead to irreversible population decline. The abortion industry has targeted minority communities, and, as Texas Right to Life has previously reported, this has had an outsized impact on the Black population. In New York City, for example, a Black baby was more likely to be killed in abortion than born alive.

Kamau-Imani earned the sponsorship of Crosby Care International for his #BlackBabiesMatter campaign. In a sermon, Keenan Crosby said, “If black lives really mattered, why are they not protesting the abortion clinics where 1,500 black babies are killed each and every day?” Crosby called “Black lives matter” a “beautiful phrase,” but pointed out that this sentiment is meaningless without addressing the millions of preborn babies targeted for death in the womb.

Kamau-Imani explained further that the purpose of the campaign is three-fold. With the hashtag #BlackBabiesMatter, he hopes to raise awareness about the fact that abortion is the leading cause of death for black Americans. Pro-Lifers using the hashtag are also seeking to inspire the next generation of Pro-Life advocates. Once people know the devastating statistics and understand the threats to innocent human Life, they are much more likely to become passionately Pro-Life and lead the next steps of the movement. Finally, the #BlackBabiesMatter campaign responds to the Black Lives Matter slogan coopted by anti-Life political radicals.

In his promotion of #BlackBabiesMatter, Kamau-Imani included historical information about America’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood, and the effect that anti-Life organization has had in harming the Black community. Kamau-Imani quoted Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, a eugenicist, who used birth control to push a population control regime on minority groups.

Other prominent Black advocates have also spoken out against Sanger and the abortion business that she founded. Kamau-Imani has been an integral part of the Pro-Life movement in Texas, educating future Pro-Life leaders about the racist history of the abortion industry in the United States and engaging young Pro-Lifers. Additionally, Kamau-Imani ran in the Republican primary for Texas House District 138 and won the rigorously vetted endorsement of Texas Right to Life.

The Black Lives Matter movement has been used as a Trojan Horse for political radicalism. Kamau-Imani’s #BlackBabiesMatter sports marketing campaign brings the issues facing the Black community into focus. As other Pro-Life advocates have noted, “without life, nothing matters. You can have a family waiting on you. You can have a job waiting on you. You can have an education waiting on you. You can have a just society waiting on you. But if you can’t get out of the womb, nothing—nothing—matters.” Respecting Life has to begin in the womb, because without the Right to Life there are no other rights.




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