Tens of thousands around the country gathered to #ProtestPP

As many as 70,000 Pro-Life advocates around the country protested the barbaric practices of Planned Parenthood on Saturday at the second nationwide #ProtestPP rally since the Center for Medical Progress began exposing the abortion giant’s body parts trafficking business.  Protesters were undeterred by inclement weather and even more volatile counter-protesters.  Women, men, and children from all walks of life gathered to give a voice to the voiceless preborn children who are killed every day within the walls of hundreds of Planned Parenthood abortion mills in America.  All while Planned Parenthood is heavily subsidized by our hard-earned tax dollars.

Center for Medical Progress founder David Daleiden attended the rally at the Planned Parenthood mega abortuary in Orange, California.  This facility has been harvesting and selling baby body parts for years, and Daleiden has almost single-handedly blown the lid off this heretofore all but unknown practice.  In Pasadena, Live Action founder Lila Rose joined local protesters for a successful rally at a Planned Parenthood affiliate adorned with a giant banner that inaccurately touts, “Health care happens here.”

Protesters across the nation saw several notable instances of counter-protest.  One Planned Parenthood even boasted on social media that their supporters outnumbered protesters of the abortion business on Saturday.  This was newsworthy for them because Planned Parenthood supporters are accustomed to being dwarfed by their Pro-Life counterparts.  Though their numbers were more notable than usual, Planned Parenthood supporters still exhibited their predictable theatrics at the rallies they attended. 

During the first nationwide #WomenBetrayed rally sponsored by Students for Life of America in August, some locations saw bizarre stunts like public Satanic rituals in support of Planned Parenthood.  Likewise, last week’s protest drew twerking (they must have gleaned this idea from anti-Life activists who twerked on a Students for Life display and staff member in Pittsburgh earlier that week) and name-calling Planned Parenthood supporters ready to engage in obscene behaviors to distract from the truths that the Center for Medical Progress has revealed.  The level of anti-Life vitriol at these rallies has grown in proportion to the amount of damning truth that has been revealed in relation to Planned Parenthood’s criminal activity.

The #ProtestPP rally was co-sponsored by dozens of Pro-Life organizations, including Priests for Life, the Susan B. Anthony List, the Radiance Foundation, Human Life International, and the March for Life.