Tell the Smithsonian to remove Planned Parenthood founder’s image

Margaret Sanger, the founder of America’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood, which kills over 300,000 unborn American babies every year, is currently featured in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery exhibit “The Struggle for Justice.”

Sanger was a divisive, racist eugenicist.  As one of the most evil forces in the twentieth century, she has no place in a public display honoring true heroes of American history such as Frederick Douglas, Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King Jr.

Margaret Sanger worked with the Nazis and KKK, and called African Americans “human weeds.”

Amid the movement to remove Confederate monuments from public display, we must not overlook any memorials of Margaret Sanger who began an organization and movement that has decimated the African American community.  Planned Parenthood has killed more black lives than any other organization in our nation’s history.

Contact the director of the gallery, Kim Sajet, now to demand that the bust of the evil racist Margaret Sanger be immediately removed from gallery.