Television shows more characters choosing Life

It is not surprising that television news and talk shows have recently been inundated with stories about the abortion issue. With “Obama Care” still lurking as a possibility, abortion is one of the biggest barriers to the democrat's health care reform. Because of this, we expect to see individuals on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and other news channels talking about the issue. 

We expect Nancy Pelosi and Senator Reid to be on television telling us why it is okay to pay for abortions with federal funds or to deceive us and tell us abortion is not covered in the bill. We hope to see Pro-Life Representatives on television speaking out about why we cannot support measures that use tax dollars to support abortion. What we never expect to see is the abortion topic in secular, contemporary television sitcoms, but this is happening more and more. ABC, NBC, CBS, MTV and other television networks are addressing the Life issue during their primetime TV shows. And much to my surprise, it is not always in a bad light. 

 Law in Order addressed the Life issue in an episode called 'Dignity'. The show was about the murder of an abortionist. One would assume that the episode was loosely based on the 2009 murder of Dr. George Tiller. Instead of taking shots at violent Pro-Lifers, it went in a much deeper direction that showed both sides of the issue and came out non-biased, if not a little on the side of Life. Along with the Law and Order episode, we have seen the issue brought up on Ugly Betty, Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, and a very Pro-Life episode of House. 

Not all of these episodes were 100 percent Pro-Life, but they all offered a perspective on the struggle between choosing Life and abortion and the benefits of choosing Life.It is becoming more apparent through these television shows that more and more people want to choose Life, even if it isn't always the easy road to take. The above mentioned sitcoms portrayed Pro-Lifers to be professional, hard working people of every class and background, in opposition to the often used negative stereotype of Pro-Lifers.Recent polls are showing that the majority of Americans choose Life. 

So it appears that even with a very anti-Life administration and healthcare legislation looming over us, many Americans are far from claiming it as the only or best choice. America is making a stand for Life even in the historically liberal television shows she produces.