Teen Vogue tells young readers abortion is “popular” and gives women “freedom”

Teen Vogue, once a fashion magazine aimed at girls, has a history of pushing abortion.  The obvious political agenda behind the now online-only publication has become so pronounced, no one could rightly call the publication a fashion magazine anymore.  From continually partnering with and defending America’s abortion giant Planned Parenthood to telling teens how to get an elective abortion without their parents finding out, Teen Vogue has been shilling for Big Abortion for years to an audience of girls as young as 12.

In the latest example of many instances of unquestioningly pushing abortion on young teens, a writer for the Teen Vogue website suggested that abortion has always been “popular,” and attitudes toward the life-ending procedure have stayed the same for several decades.  The author suggests, without evidence, that abortion remains consistently popular because of the “freedom it allows.”  Staking a mother’s freedom on the mangled and lifeless body of her preborn child is a depraved and inhumane form of “freedom,” to say the least.

The Teen Vogue article relies on polling from the 1960s to suggest that the majority of Americans supported legal abortion at that time.  What the article fails to mention is how little access most Americans had to accurate information about prenatal developments and ultrasounds showing the preborn child.  When people know more about the sophisticated development of a preborn child, many no longer support abortion.

Furthermore, according to Teen Vogue, the basis for the claim that the majority supported legal abortion is the narrow question, “Do you think abortions should be legal under any circumstances, legal only under certain circumstances or illegal in all circumstances?”  This misleading question brings to mind the “exceptional” cases for many people.  

Instances in which a child is conceived in rape or the child may have a health issue have long been the abortion lobby’s backdoor to legal elective abortion.  The reality is, even in cases of rape, the innocent preborn child has inherent dignity and the Right to Life.  We do not help mothers heal by encouraging them to kill their innocent child. Although Teen Vogue makes much of the relative consistency of polling on this question, the results do not reveal much beyond the pervasive confusion fomented by the abortion industry for decades to support the legalization of killing the preborn.

Despite the article’s claim, attitudes toward abortion have not remained consistent over time, largely because of the advancement of public perception of the preborn child.  Laws like Texas’s Dismemberment Abortion Ban force the abortion industry to speak publicly about the brutal and violent methods used to end the life of a child in the womb.  Putting a face on the sons and daughters ripped limb from limb in an abortion opens many people’s eyes to this injustice against the preborn.

This change is reflected in the most recent Gallup polling, which showed favorable trends for Life.  Other polling suggests a mere 6% of Americans agree with the radical anti-Life platform of the Democratic Party.  By any metric, Pro-Life activism and sentiment is growing from the grassroots level, despite what Teen Vogue says about the supposed “popularity” of violently ripping apart a living child.

Ironically, the anti-Life article meant to indoctrinate young girls ends by suggesting the abortion mob is being ignored by the media.  The author writes, “Maybe it’s time for the national media to treat abortion supporters as the loudest voices in the room.”  This from a vehemently anti-Life publication that is part of the national media! The media consistently confuses the legal issues surrounding abortion to move public support toward abortion.  As stated previously,

This allows mainstream news outlets to portray a sentiment in favor of abortion (see herehere, and here) while they themselves are the ones propagating the misinformation (see herehere, and here).  The muddled atmosphere surrounding abortion only enables the continuation of the status quo: abortion remains legal in some capacity in every state.

Whether there is “popularity” for the abstract idea of legal abortion is ultimately irrelevant.  The fundamental question we must each ask ourselves is: do you believe some human beings should be denied the Right to Life?