Taxpayers fork over another $5.6M to Planned Parenthood whether they like it or not

Planned Parenthood has friends in high places, and Barack Obama has friends in Planned Parenthood, as evidenced by the lucrative monetary transaction history between the nation’s behemoth abortion business and the President of the United States.

In 2012, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund poured more than $15M of “nonprofit” revenue into ensuring the reelection of abortion activist Obama, and the conglomerate is now reaping manifold returns on their investment.  The most recent example is a new allocation of $5.6M to multiple PP affiliates in the northwestern United States by the federal Department of Health and Human Services.

The purported intention of the funding is for teen pregnancy prevention– a questionable goal considering the self-serving agenda of Planned Parenthood’s gratuitous sex curricula and counseling for teens.  Planned Parenthood is supposed to use the funding to invest in new and innovative approaches [to prevent teen pregnancy], and fostering a culture of learning.”  Bizarrely, Planned Parenthood gets away with teaching that more sex equals less pregnancy.

Obama’s ties with the abortion business run about one hundred times deeper per fiscal year than the newest allocation would suggest, with Planned Parenthood receiving more than $540M in taxpayer funding per year.  This, in spite of the fact that PP has been caught stealing taxpayer money above and beyond the mega millions allocated to them.  Planned Parenthood Medicaid fraud stole tens of millions of dollars in Texas alone.  In one case, after being caught, the group was only forced to repay fifteen cents on the dollar.

Many taxpayers do not want their hard-earned money granted to the nation’s largest, most dangerous, and most dishonest killing organization.  That’s why we at Texas Right to Life worked diligently to alert Texans and their elected officials of insidious funding streams to Planned Parenthood long before this year’s legislative session began.  During the session, our legislators succeeded in redirecting those funds away from Planned Parenthood and into the hands of deserving women’s health organizations.  Since 2011, in fact, the Texas Legislature has diverted over $60M from the abortion giant per the wishes of Texas voters, and we intend to continue to be a voice for Pro-Life Texans who oppose funding the most anti-Life organization in the nation.