Take public funding AWAY from Planned Parenthood!

Friend —

Americans are disgusted by the hidden videos out of Planned Parenthood. And many people who claim abortion should be legal are amazingly joining with us because they know something is not right.

As you've surely seen in these gruesome videos, officials described how they crunch babies' bodies to preserve lucrative organs so they can sell them. Yeah, you read that right.

And there's more to come. We believe Planned Parenthood committed a crime in Texas and we want them prosecuted.

Because of the support from people like you, we held a major media conference in Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's press room and the Texas legislature heard our call! They held a special hearing to investigate Planned Parenthood. But we want them to go further: to take away public funding for these atrocities!

Planned Parenthood is running scared! But you and I know they have powerful support. A California judge just demanded a halt to the release of more hidden videos. And President Obama, just today, incredibly called the hidden videos a fraud!

Don't let them sweep these atrocities under the rug! Will you make sure Americans know about these videos? Will you apply more pressure on Planned Parenthood in Texas?

If so, please click and follow this link to donate $100, $250, $500, $1,500 or even $3,500 or more!

Friend, I must be frank with you. This billion-dollar abortion business tears apart these innocent babies while they are alive to protect the organs so they can cut them out, sell them, and make millions of dollars! This is blood money and we can put a stop to it in Texas! Not only that, but our state can file criminal charges against Planned Parenthood! Our action will resonate across the country as more states look to us as the nation's Pro-Life leader and follow our lead. But we must act fast!

Planned Parenthood is already claiming their “right to remain silent” because they know they committed a crime.

This is an opportunity that we must not let slip by.

Click and follow this link to support our work and keep the pressure on!

Texas Right to Life Media Conference in Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's Press Room

Yours for their Lives,