Take nothing for granted in Texas! Protect Life and the Pro-Life movement!

Friend —

As 2013 closes, we celebrate and give glory to our amazing God for the many Pro-Life victories that have already spared hundreds — and probably thousands — of women and children from abortion.

Here are some of our successes:

  • During the Second Special Session of the 83rd Texas Legislature, an historic Pro-Life bill that included four major provisions passed.
  • Twice in 2013, new college students were added to the Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship.
  • Through the Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship, 55 college leaders spearhead Texas Right to Life’s efforts on 19 different campuses across Texas.
  • Seven graduate students in five different Texas law and medical schools are now also training to integrate their Pro-Life views into their professional lives.
  • Texas Right to Life co-hosted a revolutionary statewide tour with other conservative groups, including Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, Texas Eagle Forum, the Tea Party, and the Texas Home School Coalition. 2013 afforded much growth and expansion — growth and expansion made possible by your support.

Now we face monumental challenges:

  1. As expected, the abortion extremists are challenging House Bill 2 in court. Two preliminary rulings have green-lighted the law to take effect while we await the final court decision (expected in January or February of 2014). Thirteen abortion centers have already closed since they refuse to comply with the new rules and regulations in House Bill 2.
  2. Texas Right to Life Political Action Committee has begun screening and interviewing candidates running for office in 2014 and has endorsed candidates who embrace the mission and goals of Texas Right to Life. While Texas is the envy of Pro-Lifers nationwide, we take no election for granted, especially since the Obama machine is here, working to rip Texas from our pro-God, pro-family, and Pro-Life roots.
  3. As we approach the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade on January 22nd, we solemnly remember that our fight is far from over. Although more lives than ever will be saved this year due to the many Pro-Life laws passed, tens of thousands of innocents will still be lost in our state alone.

Friend, you have assisted us with as much as $XXX in one year.

Would you please thoughtfully consider a Christmas gift of $«Ask_Now» so that we do not lose momentum?

Our staff joins Elizabeth and me in asking God to bless you and your entire family. Merry Christmas!

Yours for Life,